Over training

I train for 6 days a week with one day off. Running and cycling,6.5 miles on my runns and 1 hour on my in door cycle trainer as a cross trainer running is my main exicise,been doing it for a year now and try to run a race 10k usually On a Sunday have ran a few half marthons, but finding a few things changing in my life I am 52 yrs old, i am finding the following changes 1)Sleeping not a full nights sleep, fall to sleep ok but wake up and stay awake after 3 hours for about 1 hour 2) Lack of consentration 3) Lack of motivation at work 4)Lack of esteem 5) Self doubting and other things Could this been down to my training ?


  • I would say number 1 would be causing some of the other problems.

    As for whether overtraining is causing it, I can only suggest scaling back your training a bit and seeing if it helps.

  • Don't race every week, r even every fortnight. That would burn anyone out not only physically but also psychologically. Insomnia and lack of concentration could be due to overtraining. Maybe try cutting down to one session a day?

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