Need 1/2 marathon running book advice

I live in faisalabad pakistan and have started running on treadmill About 7 months ago. Have successfully completed my 10 k run with the help of Jeff gelloway's easy 10k app for iPhone. I do 10k in 1 hour 8 min On a treadmill. 

Now ow I need to try running a 1/2 marathon. Need advise about which book to buy for information about running in general and 1/2 marathon training. 



  • Buy a book about running a marathon and only read half of it...image

    Do you mean a plan for training for a half?

  • Daniel's Running Formula is a good book that covers middle and long distance running. It doesnt specifically deal with half marathon, perhaps because its not a standard distance, but the principles are applicable.
  • I do not plan to go for a full marathon. 1/2 is good enough for me. Thanks for the support.

  • I'd suggest 'Run faster from 5k to the marathon' by Fitzgerald and Hudson; I think it's brilliant. It does feature a HM training plan and more importantly, covers the principles of designing your own plans.

    As for half marathon? If the WTC get hold of it, it'll become a Marathon 13.1, in the same way that a half Ironman became Ironman 70.3image

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