Bare foot running

Started bare foot running about a month ago, I was thinking about getting some Vff or the new gel skins, though i'm concerned about feet sweating and slipping inside


  • Unless normal shoes are giving you recurring problems - don't bother. It's just an expensive fad.
  • I wonder if my barefoot running shoes would work well with my Event Clips?


  • I run barefoot but the biggest problem for me is how to fix numbers to my vest without using safety clips. Can anyone help me?

  • From all those other threads mike has started I'm sure there's a thread for such a thing somewhere ? 

  • Grow up Muttley and The real Mr I

    You are showing your true colours

    Hi Mike,   welcome to spiteful RW forum.   There are some right nasty bullies on here, especially screamy who thinks she owns the place,and The real Mr I, who is barred and keeps coming back with a  new name. They use duel avatars so you'll never beat them.  

    Take care 

  • Cougie, please ignore these immature comments from Muttley and The real Mr I they have been banned from this site before and change their names.

    I  find it a totally different running experience and come back invigorated or at least my feet do.


  • Muttley hasnt been banned from this site???

    If nothing else, you certainly have an interesting business approach on how to deal with the public.



  • Grow up Muttley...have you been bare foot running? if not leave the discussion

  • well for a start, the term barefoot running is totally misleading. Unless you are running without footwear, then you are just one of us.


  • Oh Mikeimage

  • Um - if you're going to repeat a defamatory comment about me at least have the decency to do it on a thread I've actually posted on.

    I'm not bad-mouthing you around the forum am I? I'm engaging you directly.

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