Blister Recovery

Hello, I did a 10-mile race 2 weeks ago, and emerged intact except for a couple of large blisters, which I immediately burst and cleaned. Since then I have run a 4-miler and 8-miler, but am very tender-footed - the new skin isn't really coping with running.  One solution is a long lay-off, but I feel this would be extreme, and in any case I am training for my first ultra, so really I need a quicker solution.  Does anyone have any ingenious ideas on this?


  • Compeed blister plasters until it's healed.

  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    Either a compeed or even an Asda blister plaster. My racing flats sometimes give me blisters in the wet but have not had to miss a day by using either of the above products.
  • Tim if any use to help stop a blister happening again vasaline will reduce the risk. Also if you want to do some running while it's healing will help a little just smear some on your feet and between the toes. Blodyglide with work as well but a bit more pricy.

  • Where are the blisters? I used to wrap electrical tape a couple of times round the whole ball of my foot.  It is available in many nice bright colours.

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