Struggling fitting turbo tyre!


just got a turbo tyre and struggling to fit. Been trying for 30 minutes and cant get the last little bit clipped in. 

Read some advice about heating the tyre up so its on the radiator whilst i have a well earned cup of tea and relax before having another go. 




  • mine was really hard too, took a lot of brute force in the end

  • and just remembered, when I finally got it on and pumped the tyre up, I realised that  I should have put some rim tape on first as the inner tube burst so I had to take it off again!!

  • I've never needed turbo tyres. My turbo is fine with normal tyres.
  • me too.... will swap the front and rear at some point, but my Conti GP4000's have done 2k miles, of which 500 are on the turbo, with no sign of excessive wear so far.

    lets be honest.... its all prep for an Ironman on my 100th birthday
  • Thanks guys. 


    Just got the tyre on but now have a puncture as i split the tube. 

    Fed up now so will try again tomorrow. Worst idea i have had!  Might just putnthe normal tyre back on

  • put it over the radiator, will be easier when its warmer

    I need a turbo tyre as I even manage to shred them  image

  • I've warmed them in the oven - quicker but veeeerrry easy to cook them.    Jug of boiling water can work too but if you use talc to help them go on the water is no good. What is the wheel - not campag is it?

  • I use a hairdryer (on the tyre)

  • Oh ... I think Gladys has one of those  image

  • Easton ea50 Wheels. Seems as the inner tuve valve gets in the way a little


  • M...eldy wrote (see)

    put it over the radiator, will be easier when its warmer

    I need a turbo tyre as I even manage to shred them  image


    Is that a weight issue?  image
  • So dead.
  • Just innocently wondering Cougie!  image  I mean it's not as if it's Peking Duck or anything!!  image

  • So very right Cougs

    Siggy, how very fortuitous that you have chosed to stay out of town next Monday, I could have saved you a return fare    image

  • I'm sure I don't know what you mean Melds!  image  Can't a bloke make an innocent enquiry anymore?!!  image  Being of a slightly 'larger' frame myself I was wondering if I needed to fit a turbo tyre to my bike!  

    Not my choice to be out of town!  But I do have my *nurses* uniform on, if that's any help!  Ooo errr!!  

  • Nothing really could help you at this stage .... imageimage

  • So, Siggy (a man in a flashing codpiece by his own admission) wears a nurses uniform and bulges out of it, and Meldybabelicious, the one person in the world who fell off a turbot, is giving advice on a turbot thread?

    Tyre levers old chap (ess?).

    And yes, I have managed to puncture my turbot inner tube. How, God only knows.


  • thanks for the help guys, got another inner tube out the garage this morning so will be armed with the missus hair-dryer and heating on full blast to get this sorted.

  • Not sure if I was giving advice Dusty.  Just requiring some clarification, so to speak!!  image

    And when did you suddenly become so smooth, eh?  Buttering up the old witch!!  image  

  • Just to let you guys know i have finally fitted the Tyre. 

    Nice session tomorrow night to break it in. 


    Thanks again

  • Its going to be nice over the weekend, time to change it back and get a few outdoor miles in..

  • well now i have done it once i know what to do so shouldnt be an issue FF

  • Righto....................................................

  • BS - get a spare wheel and just use that with the turbo tyre - much easier to swap with your road wheel  than changing tyres all the time

  • Buttering up Meldy? Ooh, I've come over all funny!

  • PS, I just punctured a new tube putting it on to the turbo tyre that punctured before.

    Major twat alert!

  • DB, im going to to fat buddha's advice and invest in a spare rear wheel. Too much effort keep changing them over.

  • Does your turbo wreck tyres that quickly?    I know some say they do but not everyone, if yours isn't too bad it might be simpler just to use the same tyre on the road and accept a slightly accelerated wear rate.

  • I've always used last seasons tyres on the turbo over winter and swap new tyre on for the new season in March. 

    Quite lucky to have a spare rear wheel due to a warranty claim though so that helps. 

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