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I have been training hard this year first for a marathon in April then a half in September, plus a few other things in between! I'm now pregnant and have been continuing to run as I really miss it if I don't and I don't want to lose all the fitness I've built up! It is however feeling harder as the weeks go by and people keep asking me how long I can keep running for. I plan to run as long into pregnancy as I can but just wondered if there are any other mums or mums to be who can share their stories and tips? 

How long did you keep running? What changes did you make and did you get any new stuff (support band, maternity specific running clothes)?

It'd be great to hear from you!



  • Hi Mini, I've ran through both my pregnancies but only up until I was 3 and a half to 4 months. Is this your first child? I too was extremely fit beforehand and was worried about losing fitness. You really need to be careful whilst running when pregnant. Admittedly I disliked being pregnant because it really slows you down and probably like yourself, I am very active.   You will find that soon you will be too uncomfortable to run as the baby will just be bouncing on your bladder and running will become impractical.   Only you can choose when is the right time to stop running but as long as you are comfortable, you can keep going.   You just need to ensure that your heart rate does not increase past 140 bpm and that you do not over heat.  Never do any speed work also.  I never wore a maternity belt as I did eventually switch to walking up hill on a treadmill.  You can burn as many calories by doing this and it was more comfortable.  I then switched to the elliptical machines and cycling up until I was 9 months pregnant (whilst also weight training with lighter weights).   I think Nell McAndrew ran 10 miles when she was 7 months pregnant, but she is an athlete so she’s not a good example.   I think now is the time not to worry about losing fitness.  You can maintain what you have (you may lose a little) but you do need to shift your focus on making sure you baby is well looked after and enjoy being pregnant.    I read a great book when pregnant by James F. Clapp, III, M.D, called Exercising Through Your Pregnancy.   Good luck with your pregnancy!

  • I managed to run up to 36 weeks with no problems. Just take it down a gear. All in all only stopped running for 6 weeks but carried on walking during my six weeks off. Listen to your body and don't push it. I ended up having an undiagnosed breech birth and because my midwife knew I was fit she was on my side when the consultant wanted to do a cesarean. I was able to give birth naturally thanks to the fact I was fit due to maintaining my running. I recovered very quickly due to be fit.


  • I've just PM'd you...

  • There's 2 fab threads in health & injury, one is pregnant runners and the other is the mums running thread.  Loads of help and info over there.  I ran up to the night before little C came along, well waddled image

  • Thanks all for your replies, I'll definitely check out those threads. I am taking it easier and not pushing myself, just enjoying running for running's sake! It's good to hear that you've all kept up your exercise right through your pregnancies.

    No chance of me keeping my HR to 140 though Pipski, I have a really high HR when running anyway and 140 is barely more than a walk! I'm not worried so much about getting slower, just want to keep as fit as I can as it makes me feel better and I'm sure can only help with the birth as Fueled said.

    Thanks again ladies image

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    It might be worth checking, but i thought the max heart rate recommendation was no longer valid?  I am 29 weeks and don't run because i was injured in a bike crash back in Feb and got pregnant in May whilst still injured and was told not to start running whilst pregnant, despite the fact that the injury has finally gone.  The knee specialist told me it wasn't a good idea to start as he said pregnancy often does weird things to knees anyway due to all the relaxin pumping round.  I do spin though, do body pump and swim at a swim club a few times a week (I probably do 5 to 6 sessions a week). It keeps me sane!  I'll keep going for as long as I can.  I guess I'll have to give up spinning first as my bump will get in the way.

    I would run for as long as you feel it is ok.  I think its different for each person.  Your body will tell you how far, how fast and when to stop.  People will spout all types of cr*p at you about exercising whilst pregnant.  Most of these people say things without  having any facts to back it up.  I remember reading in a pregnancy book that you shouldn't exercise at all whilst pregnant as if something went wrong, you would always blame yourself for exercising.  At that point, I binned the book.

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