Running In London

Am I better off training on a treadmill in the gym or running in the city. The treadmill can be very boring but at least I am not breathing in the fumes from the cars.


  • Where in London are you? Is there a park anywhere near you?
  • I live in Southend but work in the City, the best I can do is the embankment to Westminster. When I do this run I often have a sore throat afterwards, Which I can only put down to the fumes.
  • Steve, I must have seen you - for the last month or so I have been running along the Embankment each day. I never get a sore throat at all. I run towards Westminster from St Pauls on the Albert Embankment and back along the Victoria so only have traffic in one direction.
  • I often run on the embankment and have had problems with sore eyes. I think it's due to the plane trees. Their seed pods break open to produce very fine fluff (which my dad said makes good itching powder)May be that's the cause of your sore throat?
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