Beyond #asics262: life after Target 26.2 for sub-3:30 runner Malcolm



  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    I was lucky, no Tabasco for me. Others weren't quite so fortunate.

    Today's error is, running all of your runs on the pavement / Tarmac. Over time it plays havoc with impact on the joints. I try and get about 35% of my milage off road now and I manage more miles with less injury.
  • So what's the plan for your 'thick' arm then?! Not sure I'd want to know all the statistics about myself, would feel very inadequate! Congratulations on all the new gear, nice early crimbo present.

    +1 for the Adidas Adizero Adios racing shoes. I got mine in the Summer and have worn them for parkruns as well as 5 mile, 10k and 10 mile races. Don't wear them for training as I like the psychological boost of putting on my racing shoes. They come in great colours (mine are bright red with sparkly silver laces!) Would love to wear them in a marathon but think I would be too scared about their lack of support in the later miles when my form wouldn't be all over the place!

    Malcs, do you have any races booked in your schedule? Good to see that you are using parkruns for some of your speed sessions. I've done the same myself, as it's a good way to track progress.
  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    SK - mine are red with sparkly laces too.  Love them!  But was a bit annoyed when I  ran over some grass to pick my top up after the parkrun and straight into a bog.  image  I'm hoping they will still sparkle once the mud has dried.


  • Nice start Malcs, must feel good to get going. I fancied a harder run tonight as I have had a weekend off, and have been feeling a bit nervous about starting the plan next week, so I did five miles finishing with a good effort up the hill. 

    Sunday of week four of the rw plan falls on the day of Four Villages half so I'll make that my focus for the first month.



  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Mr P - sounds very good! Are you already on a plan or are you going to follow mine? Would be great to have you along for the ride!

    Slowkoala - dumbbell curls should sort the thick arm image

    I have no races booked as yet. I would like to do the Spitfire 20 on the 16th March. Might fit in well as a last 20 mile training run but I'll have to discuss this with Steve along with any other race requirements. Would be nice to do a half at some point.

    Millsy - keep 'em coming, this is great stuff! The on/off road balance is one that I consistently get wrong. I am determined to do more off road running this year. There are plenty of places I can go locally I just need to stop taking the easy option and running on the nice mud free pavements image

  • Well Malcs as it is based around the RW plan I think it will fit quite well.  I like the look of the long run on Saturday. I want to factor in more hills, running up long hills just seems to pay off for me really quickly. Also some lunchtime runs for the shorter sessions to free up the evenings. And some yoga! 

  • This is going to be hard work keeping up on here! Glad the first day went well Malcsimage. Probably glad to get it out of the way/

    At least the weather looks like staying mild for the foreseeable so that's one potential obstacle out of the way.

    Let us know once you know if Spitfire fits in with your plans. looking at the RW schedules I'm certain you are due a 20 miler that weekend and so will I. Might be good to run together?

  • I can recommend the Cranleigh 21 (March 16) as a good one to's possibly a little close to Paris (3 weeks) but for VLM and later ones is really good. 3 laps (9/6/6 miles), a few hills but nothing major. Perfect for a pacing strategy. It's in Surrey, close to Guildford/Dorking (ish!)

    Anyone in Norfolk/Suffolk I can also recommend the Wymondham 20 (first Sunday in March), nice friendly race. That was the one I did at marathon pace this year, and probably aim for the same this year.

    It's my tempo session today, aiming for a progressive pace 6 miles, starting at 8m/m (after a w/u) and ending at 7m/m. Well, that's the theory, I just have to see if my legs decide they are up for itimage
  • morning.too many posts.took me a while to find what the plan for today is....intervals i you have a track near you or will you find a quiet bit of road

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭


    Week1 - Tuesday


    5M of 1M jog, then 4 x 800m at approx 10km pace (3:30) with 400m jog in three minutes , then 1M jog

    This will be my first pace session for some time. I haven't done 7mm pace for ages.

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Mr P - excellent! I'm trying to do most of my long runs on a Saturday but some will have to be Sunday to fit in with parkruns. Obviously most races are Sundays too so things will have to shuffle around.

    DS2 - thanks! Yes, Spitfire may fit in well as my last 20. Would be great to meet up. If you're happy to run at my slower pace that would be fantastic. I know quite a few others who are looking at this race too. Need to speak to Steve.

    Freemers - if Cranleigh is the 16th then it clashes with the Spritfire. Sounds like a good one though.

    Hope the progressive run goes well!

    Seren - I'll probably do it locally. There is a track not far away but with school pick ups and work to fit in it's quicker for me to do it here.

  • How old are your kids Malcs?

  • Malcs/Freemers/anyone who is interested - I'm was thinking about Wynondham. heard good things about it but a bit of a trek from where I am in Kent.

    I may well do the Colchester (Essex) 20 which I think is 9 March. My plan has 2 x 20 milers in successive weeks. I'd sooner do them with company so races - albeit not racing - will suit me better.

    Have actually trained two days running!!! Woo Hoo! 8 miles on Sunday at 8:20mm and 30 minutes on the Turbo in the garage last night! Will do 5 miles tonight but not at any great pace. Just trying to get back into it after one thing or another.

    I'm miles behind where I should be. To be honest if I can get near 3;30 in April I'll probably be happy. I'm looking at my real focus for next year being the London Duathlon in September. I'm thinking of doing the Ultra distance of 20k run, 77k bike, 10k run. I fancy I could be close in my age group looking at last years times. Anyone else doing any duathlons? Angela???

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    Enjoy the intervals today Malcs image  Btw, we have a parkrun on Christmas day!!!

  • If I went to Parkrun on Xmas day my wife wouldn't let me back in the house!!!


  • DS2 - I've done Wymondham a few times and it is good - not as flat as you might expect with it being Norfolk - the hill at mile 19 is a bit unkind, but does not go on very long. It can be a bit exposed in places and icy depending on the weather, but that is March for you. It has a small field so I have ended up running sections on my own before now, but it is a friendly race.

    I am torn as I have a place in Silverstone for the same day, but I like getting a 20 mile race in at MP and Wymondham is a good time to do it - Spitfire is 3 weeks before and Oakley only 2. (Also, my mum has her house in Wymondham up for sale, so this could be my last chance). What does the schedule say Malcs?

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    welshgje - they are 8 and 11 Gareth. My 11 year old is going through an early 'Kevin and Perry' phase at the moment. I have to stop myself from laughing whenever he kicks off - "It's so unfair!", "Everyone hates me", "Ughhhh" (door slam, wave of arms) image

    Do you have the pleasure of ankle biters? 

    DS2 - nice going! Sounds like the injury is finally packing its bags which is great to hear. I would love to try a duathlon or any triathlon where there isn't any swimmingimage

    Jen - cheers! I have already floated the Christmas day Llyn Llech Owain run to Mrs Malcs. I received a quality death stare in return. However, permission has been granted for the Saturday one if you're up for it? Fits with my plan nicely.

    ArrowsLou - I would have to check with Steve but to be honest it's quite a way away. I'm trying to do my longer runs on Saturdays too as I help coach mini rugby on Sunday mornings.

    Right - time to run!

  • Yes I have a three year old boy who is dying to come out running with me and is often found stretching against the kitchen wall as he tries to emulate what I do.

    Not quite a stroppy teenager yet but still in the Terrible Two stage - especially when unwell.

  • at least you guys don't have a son waking you up at 2:30 am as they need a drink of water..................

     and they are too drunk to find a cup to get one..........image

     and then spend half an hour talking more than they have in the previous month.......when its the middle of the nightimage

  • image Oh yes...then they get you up to ask you where their keys are, and when you politely explain that you were in bed when they got home, they want to know why you are being so unhelpful!


  • DS2, I'm doing the Essex 20.  For affiliated club runners its only £6 if you enter before the end of the year.  £8 for unaffiliated.  I like the idea of duathlon!  Multisport is good if it doesn't involved getting in water, as I discovered I can't swim if there's anyone else around.  When is it?  I'm already signed up to the Bacchus marathon in September but since there's wine on the course, I wont exactly be going for a time! image  I'm planning on doing a reverse duathlon for the essex 20... cycling to the start and cycling home, since its only a few miles away for me image 

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    welshgje - excellent! Ok so they can throw a wobbly from time to time but they are so nice at that age!

    seren + Mr P - ha ha image  Thank you for the heads up ghosts of children yet to comeimage I look forward to that wonderful experience!

    Angela - six pounds?!!! Come on what's the catch? Do you have to plough a field as you run? Herd sheep? Carry a cow? 

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Intervals complete. Felt suspiciously good. Even had to hold back on the speed for a few of them. It is only day 2 though so I'm bound to feel quite fresh.

    Looking forward to tomorrow already!

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Well done Malcs. Looks like you're going to smash your target! image

  • Nice job Malcs! You're going to be fab!

  • Interesting comparison here Malcs. We did the same session today. My 800m's were just faster than 7mm yet my overall time for the 5 miles was 43mins compared to your 41mins. My curiosity is am I jogging to slowly in the interims or the first and last mile??  Afternoon btw image

  • Hi Malcolm well done - 2 days down and 100 to go! what were the times of your reps today?

  • Well done Malcs! the catch is no race mementos, which for a medal magpie like me makes me image  but there is the Colchester Half Marathon the following week, so I'll get a medal there image 

  • Nice one malcs - I too would like to know your interval times.

    Angela - I will enter Essex 20 and see you thereimage

    SupermanRuns - I'm sure Steve will agree but the jog times aren't all that important. As you get fitter you'll probably find you need less recovery time/feel comfortable at a slightly faster jog. Good going anyhow!

    Malcs - I'm trying to decide whether to just follow your plan one week behind or push myself a little harder to try to get in Sub 3:15 shape. I really want to enjoy the marathon and don't want to risk a recurrence of the injury by overtraining. I'll probably see how this next week or so goes and take it from there.

  • Just went to enter Essex 20 - it seems there is no online entry system and I have to send them an entry form & a cheque - is that right Angela?

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