sugar free drinks

How do people feel about sugar-free squash, coke, lemonade etc?

I won't touch them, but not sure if I'm being picky..  they just sound so chemically.  But the penalty is that the calories are high, and sugar is good for neither your teeth or body.  So, I drink them in moderation.

Good thing or bad thing?




  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    Drink in moderation for me.

    This week there has been a report out saying the sweeteners are safe.

    There has also never been any reported deaths linked to over consumption of sugar free drinks compared to the amount of issues and deaths linked to too much sugar consumption.

    Lesser of two evils in my oppinion
  • I drink 2 to 3 litres of diet coke/ pepsi max a day.and have done for most of the last 28 years.....

    Is it good for me.probably it very bad for my teeth....definitely.

     can i give it up.....not at all.....

    but i'm sure there is worse things I could be addicted too......and if it was the sugar variety i can't imagine the size I would be

  • Stick to green tea unless desperate.

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    I used to be quite a heavy diet coke drinker (2litres a day) then I changed my diet (for other reasons) and cut out all diet coke/artifical sugars and since then I can't touch the stuff as it just tastes all sickly and not very nice on my tongue.

    I think if you need to drink/eat it - have the full fat stuff.... but this applies to Skimmed milk/yoghurt/low fat products as well image

  • Can't bear the taste.  Also, I gather the sweeteners can affect your insulin response.  Green tea or excellent coffee with a spoon of raw sugar. And maybe an almond croissant.  Mmmmm. 

    Actually that will also affect my insulin levels but at least I'll enjoy the ride.

  • I don't drink many sweet drinks at all.  If I have a soft drink it will probably be juice, maybe with tonic, or sometimes just tonic.

    Once in a while I'll have a Dr Pepper.

    I drink them so rarely that I don't bother about whether it's the full sugar version or not.


  • I drink diet coke (not often) because I prefer the delicious chemically taste to the full sugar version that makes your teeth feel all furry. It's the only thing I ever have with artificial sweeteners in though. I get irrationally annoyed if asked by bartenders whether I would like 'normal or slimline' tonic, so I have the normal kind with my gin. I don't really care how much sugar I consume because (a) I haven't got a sweet tooth so it won't be much and (b) I do a lot of exercise.

  • The only Coke I can drink is the caffeine free one and it's hard to get so I don't bother.

    Apart from that the only time I'll drink anything else - tonic, lemonade etc. is as a mixer or in a cocktail and the full sugar versions all taste better. I don't go a whole bundle on fruit juice either really - too acidic.

    I mainly drink decaff green tea or herbal tea.

  • I just drink gallons of tea all day.

    But for food in general I will avoid anything labelled low fat, diet, or otherwise tampered with.  We do use semi-skimmed milk for tea though.

  • I don't drink a lot of fizzy drinks, or anything sweet, water is the main thing I drink, but when I do drink pop I always go for the normal "full fat" version, whether this is better or worse, il never really know... 

  • I don't drink fizzy drinks often but, when I do, I generally opt for the diet version, I just don't like the idea of empty calories. I know neither are healthy options. 

    I do drink quite a bit of sugar free squash though - probably 2 large glasses a day. Again, I know it's not healthy but I know I need to hydrate and I just don't drink enough water and, again, I don't get the empty calories with the sugar free version. I think in the big scheme of things this will not make a great impact on my health!

    I mostly drink weak black tea, green tea and jasmine tea, I have one coffee a day. Oh, and I like wine, quite a lot!

  • I'm the same as Seren nos. 


    addicted to to diet coke! 

  • I don't drink anything fizzy. Haven't touched the stuff for years. Hurts my throat for some strange reason. 

    quite like a cider though image Only because it's alcohol image

    As for "full fat" I'm not bothered what it is as long as it keeps me happy.

  • I'll have a can of diet coke 3-4 days a week. I don't like any other diet drinks though. I agree with the people who say it's a way to avoid empty calories. On the other hand I do drink a fair but of beer which is probably worse!
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭

    Not a big fan of any diet drinks - they all have a nasty aftertaste (although Sprite Zero is ok).  Don't drink a lot of full sugar stuff either, but on a really hot day a very cold Coke hits the spot.

    Usual drinks for me are tea (lots of it) and Cranberry squash made with fizzy water from the Sodastream. 

    And wine.

  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭

    I didn't put that link in there!  Oi, RW, p*** off with the automatic links.  If I wanted to put one in, I would. image

  • I can't stand the taste of aspartame so won't touch most 'diet' stuff. A lot of the full fat versions have aspartame as well as sugar though. I don't really like fizzy drinks and only ever use them in long training runs or races. Full fat coke is great to run on image

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