My First Run

Hi there, without sounding like I'm introducing myself on a Blind Date, my names Rob and I'm 26 and live in Lowestoft.

about a week ago I started looking into getting fit for my honeymoon in February. I used to cycle a bit too and from work which was 10 miles each way but due to needing to bring the work van home on certain nights of the week I had to stop the work trip which basically for me meant parking the bike up for the foreseeable future.this was about a year and a half ago and I've done no fitness related stuff since.

i decided that I should look into running as this time of year I thought I would be safer running than cycling in the dark.

Looking for advice on how to start I read a really good tip of buying some trainers that were essentially too expensive so that the price tag would force me to use them. Me being me I took this advice on board and purchased some reebok something or other from m and m direct for £17.99, last of the big spenders.

this brings me to today and my trainers haven't arrived on the day where I planned my first run. Not being defeated I thought I would go ahead in some puma speedcat leisure trainers which I felt were far from ideal.

i found a run planner on asics website and I set my target at 5 miles. My first run was a half mile circuit I planned ahead which meant running half a mile away from home and walking the half mile back.

i was amazed that I jogged the whole half mile round and stopped my mapmyrun app before I started walking home. My pace was 9.29 min/mile Which is great all I need to do is build on that and keep the pace but extend the distance.

after a drink of water I felt great, my new compression top held up well, the music was great and my shins didn't feel too bad considering my choice of footwear.

my biggest problem which I would appreciate any info on was that my lower jaw and teeth really ache, it's a difficult one to explain but it aches around the roots of my teeth...has anyone experienced/overcome this?

if your still with me, sorry for the long post but I'm feeling good about this regime and looking forward to building up to 5 mikes by February 


  • You sound like you're off to a great start, Rob.  I don't worry too much about my training shoes either; but I do concentrate on my running form.  It may sound funny, but it's important to run properly; check out some youtubes on running form - you may as well start off properly.

    And in the initial phase, don't start off doing too much, too quickly.  You'll get injured and blame your running shoes and end up forking out £100 for a new pair, when really all you've done in trained too hard.

    Relax as well; I suspect re the aching jaw and teeth - you've been clenching your teeth.  I can do similar with with my arm, especially if I'm carrying a handheld water bottle on a long run.  I've finished and my bicep has ached from not being relaxed.

    Happy running!

    P.S. There's still time to back out of the marriage thing.

  • Well done, great run, are you sure you don't have a teeny hole in your tooth and having the wind blow through it whilst running highlighted it image odd jaw ache doesn't 't sound to bad. Unless you broke your jaw and have a load of metal work in there image 

    forget about the wedding n buy some trainers instead image

  • I grit my teeth when I run too, try and keep relaxed and do a mental checklist every now and then, so if it is that, you get into the habit of stopping yourself.
  • Thanks for the advice, my teeth are tip top so I'm sure it must be me gritting my teeth. I will make a conscious effort not to grit my teeth to see if that's the answer. My next run is tomorrow for another 0.5 mile jog.

    as for the wedding, that's been and gone...she wanted to get married in September and I wanted to watch the nascar daytona 500 in February. 

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