How does it make you feel, when you get a new PB?

Hi everyone,

 (This is my first ever post on runners world!)

After recently coming back from injury, i'm firmly on the road to recovery as far as my fitness levels are concerned. I'm in my forth week of training, after doing no training for 3 months. I've knocked off over 3 minutes on both my 5 and 10km times. Getting PB's every week so far is an amazing feeling, it makes everything worth while. Even the really early morning training sessions before work, don't seem bad when you finish a run beating your previous time. 

Current : 5km time = 21.50 / 10km = 45.09

No doubt with me living in the desert right now and training at high altitude, I will reap the benefits when I return to the UK and continue training there.

How does it make you feel, when you get a new PB? Also, how does running in general make you feel?

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  • Well I feel great for a few days afterward when I record an official pb under race conditions...but from the way you appear to be training, it makes me want to ask you what your injury was and how you got it...and wonder if your next question will be about your recurring injury and how you can cure it.


  • No, I'm not here to ask any questions with regards to my injury lol. The physiotherapist who helped me get fit again, answered all my questions. I strained the ligaments in my right ankle, during a cross country race, when I fell over. image

  • Welcome to the forum. It would be a honour for us to have a running guru on here to guide us.

  • Thanks very much Sussex Grinch. That's the main reason for joining the forum, to hopefully gain some wisdom from all the guru's out there. So I can compete better within my current organisation.

  • PB feels great for about a week, then good for some time - then stressful when I have another race of the same distance coming up and I realise I now need to work even hard if I want to stand a chance of beating it!!  My 10k, 5k and half mara PBs have stood for over a year now image But I did set a new marathon PB recently which I was sooo chuffed about!

  • Pb's. I vaguely recall something about them. They were nice.

    But then they make way for the next phase - managing decline.

  • "Getting PB's every week so far is an amazing feeling" - are you running flat out on each training run and aiming for a PB each time ?

  • When I get a PB, I act like a complete cock.

  • Only then? image

  • Hey Aizxana, well done on your new marathon PB image The furthest I've ever ran is half marathon. 

    Hi, carterusm. Yes I am. I timed the runs in week one, then I found out my different training paces. Then each week, I set new targets that are slightly quicker, than that of my suggested current training pace. My current goal is to get back to the level I was at, before I had the injury.

  • I just came back from a 10k. I set a 5 minute PB, but I was still a 1:17 slower than my 'A' target time, thanks to a killer headwind over the first 5k.

    Despite it being a PB, i can't help feeling disappointed. But there will be other races and its something to shoot for next year!

  • My pbs were so long ago they were logged down in Latinimage

  • My Pbs were so long ago too. But still a total cockimage

  • Biggus Dickus image

  • Something funny about my friend Biggus Dickus?image

  • running guru....I am talk about setting PB's each week......

    and then later on you hope to get back to where you were pre injury...

    If you are slower than you were pre can you be setting PB'simage

  • It's a guru thingimage

  • That's a fair point seren nos. To Bring some clarity to your question. I'm only taking into account run times after coming back from injury. Therefore run times which I set in week 1, and improve on them in the weeks ahead, I'm counting as a new PB. Maybe i was wrong to call it a *PB*, what would be the correct term? Simply *new faster time*?image

  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    I would call that 'regaining fitness' i think. You cannot compartentalise your running life into phases and start the clock again completely afresh. A pb is for life, or until it is beatenimage

    I am mildly confused, are you talking about improving times in training runs or official race pb's?

  • For me personally right now, training runs. image

  • Thanks running guru! image

    Ahh, it is a nice feeling for a few weeks getting into (or back into) training and getting PBs every week.  Found that with my cycling time trials this summer, but then did realise they would eventually level out and wouldn't be getting them very often any more unless really worked much harder! (Those were the days!). Makes getting a PB again when they are not so often even sweeter. image

    Well done though and it's a great way to see progress, they are very motivating when you need it the most.

  • Its not a wise thing to do though after injury or time off.......each week trying to run faster and faster......

    it means that you will not be listening to your body to see how its means that you are concentrating too much on speed and not letting your body get back to fitness slowly.

    leaves no room for slow recovery runs and cutback recovery runs.......and the need to go faster and faster will really increase your chances of getting injured......and back to square one

  • I can see your point of view. The main emphasis for me, is quality over quantity. To that end I don't do recovery runs or slow runs. I'm either all in or I'm off. Part of my job is to take part in mandatory fitness sessions. If it is session which involves a run, i don't control the pace of the run, so I won't always be training to my suggested training pace times. image

  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    Guru- I think its long been established that over the long term the best way to running gains is a decent mix of easy running. Not least because this safely develops all the other muscles and tendons and you don't have to back off every six weeks due to an injury then start again. Your better off training far less severely and getting in say 26 weeks without a niggle than doing six on two off due to niggles.

  • NayanNayan ✭✭✭

    How does it make me feel?

    Annoyed- because it throws into sharp relief how muchfaster id be if I had been running like this in my 20s

  • Hi Stan - glad you are enjoying Newbury and calling it FLAT.

    Trying to improve week on week could well hold you back. One of the things you will see at Newbury are people obviously running within themselves for a number of weeks before a PB attempt. I am often one of those 25-30 min people:??)

    Smarter not harder is the key to improvement

    Train Smart /Race easy

    If I ever get another PB in a running race I will be stunned, I do however have a modest goal of running the same time I ran last winter as a non runner.

    When I got PBs I felt I deserved them for all the hard work I put in. I was usually satisfied. Except my marathon PB which was a terrible run and all I felt was disappointment. Fortunately there was always another race another distance.

    Gobi - (Newbury voice of race direction)
  • You mean you deserved the Pb for all the smart work you put in. For the record smart and hard are not opposites. You need to work hard but be smart about how and when you do it.

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