Low carb diet

Is there an accepted definition of what is 'Low Carb?' E.g. 5g / 10g of carbs per 100g of food?


  • Under 100g carb per day is pretty low carb, some diets like the keto diet go as far as under 50g per day I think. Dunno about an accepted definition, of course it's different per person based on needs/how your body processes it.

  • As above, it depends on the exact diet that you are on.

    If you just want to go low carb then it's about choosing what carbs you eat and watching your carb intake.

    I will eat oats because they are good for you. I will eat fresh fruit and eg, inc root eg. Again they are good for you. These aren't normally accepted in a low carb diet. (most green veg is ok).

    I don't eat bread, potatoes, (rice or pasta because I don't like either), pastry or baked goods. I try to restrict the amount of sugar in my diet. Sometimes I'm not so very good at this.

    There's a FB group, low carb runners.
    They set no strict rules as to what is or is not a low carb diet. It's really for people to talk.

    The main point for me is not to restrict fat intake only to replace those calories with carbs.


  • Thanks for replies. 

    Will check out FB group. 

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