Fitting in Some Strength Training

Hi all,

I don't really do any strength training so am looking to get started with a basic routine. I've found a bodyweight workout online which involves:

Squats, Press ups, lunges, dips, planking.

As well as improving my running performance, is this likely to give me some more definition in my muscles or does running completely counteract that?

Also, when should I be doing strength workouts? I've been told one day run then one day strength train but I'm concerned that if I'm doing something every day, I won't have sufficient recovery time?

Any thoughts and experiences with strength training welcome.



  • Hi James I tend to do more or less that routine once per week with the odd variation. I try not to over exert myself as to impinge on my running. Usually do my brief routine of an evening at the weekend, having ran in the AM

    It seems to have made a slight difference in that I feel stronger late on during races

  • Thanks LSH.

    Any other opinions welcome.

  • I'm a regular gym goer and I'm sure it makes a big difference to my running.  I primarily went to build some upper body strength to avoid being too 'runner skinny' but the core and leg work I do without doubt helps.  After a bout of ITB I found that my glutes 'under fired' and was recommended some glue and leg strengthening exercises, consisting of squats, lunges and similar and I've no doubt it has helped with overall strength and stability when running as well as keeping me injury free image  

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