Jeff Galloway approach to R/W/R London Marathon 2014 -Help!



  • Hi there, I have been following this thread with interest and would like to try the strategy out. Could someone please help me?

    I can do half marathon in 10m/n, and was going to aim for 11m/n for VMLM14 in 4 weeks.  I plan a 20m on monday, and thought that I might try this out.  I see from the JG website that I should try a 2.5m run, 1m walk, but sorry, how do I know what speeds to go to try to get the average 11 m/m? Do I need to monitor my run pace and walk pace quite closely, or do you all just look at average mile pace?

    When walking, I assume you still try to keep a good pace on?  I personally don't like stopping much once you get to the longer distances due to leg cramping, will 1min walking late in the race cause this?

    I think you set a beeper on your garmin, is that right?

    Many thanks, and good luck everyone,

  • Hi Chicken (It made me smile typing that....when you are doing a marathon!!)

    first you really shouldn't do 20 miles in training at marathon pace. You could over do it and get injured and that would be awful. 12 or 13 min miles would be fine at this point in training, it is miles under your feet that matters. 

    I can only say what works for me but doing 30/30secs in training would probably be best for this Pace. Don't worry about speed to start with, just try it. If you set your Garmin to auto lap each mile you could adjust each mile as you go along. We all had, and at times still have, trouble working out pace, but don't worry.

    Basically you'll find you run faster during your run segments because they are short And your legs stay fresh. Don't worry about walking fast or 'speed' walking that is not what it's about. The walking bit is for recovery. Keep your stride short so you don't over stride and upset your legs.if you stick to the ratios right from the beginning you will really reduce the risk of cramping. 

    I did a slow 24 on Friday and will be out running again today.

    The main thing is do do this right from the start: it is too late waiting until your legs are tired. Try doing it as above on your 20 miler and then decide if it is for you.

    good luck. Keep us posted.


  • hi

    well, got out at 5am and did the 18 miles in 4:20 which was 14:25 min/miles. Really happy, felt good and I feel fine now. I did 20/40 and the 40 secs felt like a long time to walk, but I kept the pace fairly constant

    chicken - I can only echo what Chris has said - the method does seem to work, and you need to put the walk breaks in from the very start. To begin with the short intervals may feel a bit weird but actually it keeps the overall pace up. 

    Pacing? Well, to be honest I don't really worry about it and it is only really something I look at once I get home and upload the garmin the computer! I just run the run sections at a pace that feels right and walk at a fairly comfy but brisk (ie not just dawdling along) walk - but like Chris says beware of overstriding as that can cause injury

    Well, feeling confident now, only an extra 8 miles to find on the day image

    next week I have another half marathon, then I will aim for 21 the week after then 2 weeks to taper

  • I LOVE YOU GUYS! imageAfter last week where my confidence took a hit, I made a late decision to try RW strategy (late as in as I was walking out the door).  18 miles later and I believe I can do London.  I finished strongly, and felt so much better than last week.  I did 30/30 and after finding how to set the alert on my garmin mid run it was very simple.  Fantastic!  So happy.  So next week will aim for 19-20 and then taper time, and am doing it so much happier!

  • Hi Mathschick and Lainey

    Brilliant news from both of you. It does feel like it is starting to come together for us all. What pace/time did 30/30 give you Lainey? I do find this way of running fascinating. 

    Have you all got your London packs yet. I'm down for the Blue start. Anyone else?

    And I feel the same as Lainey, I love it on this thread too. Like I said yesterday "One team, one dream". Getting quite excited now about the Big Day......


  • Lainey - well done image - it really works! 

    Chris - I am doing Llanelli and combining it with a family holiday in Wales. It is the same day as London so I will be thinking of you as I run! I am definitely feeling confident now, and have been able to walk around Nottingham shopping this afternoon, and up and down stairs without wincing image

    going to go swimming tonight - hope that doesn't end up being too much!


  • Hi Chris, I am at Blue start soon, so see you there!image

    I did 14:08 min/mile. pretty pleased with that. For context I did Silverstone 12:49.

  • I am finding this thread fascinating too. Thanks to you all for sharing your experiences.

    i had my VLM pack on Saturday, I'm a blue start too. 

    I ran / walked Stafford half today. I did 8mins / 2 mins. I completed it in 2.16. I couldn't have continued at that pace. Hopefully my knee hasn't suffered too much. 

    Reading all your posts I think I will try a slow long run next weekend with very short ratios. 

    Chicken - good luck tomorrow, look forward to reading all about it. 

  • We ought to try and get a Team Galloway photo at the Blue start before the race if we can work out a meeting point and time. Mmmm, will have to get thinking.


  • I am going to give it a go. you all seem to be doing different ratios, is it just personal choice or is there more reasoning behind?


    which app do you use for timing?



  • Hi Chicken, I think Chris has the most knowledge. I've only basic knowledge and keep asking Chris for advice. 

    I started out by looking at the advice being given to Gareth on the sub 5 hour asics 262 thread. Sam Murphy advised him to run walk following an injury. She suggested 8/2 so that's what I've tried. I've since tried several other ratios. 

    I've been setting my Garmin to intervals to record the ratios. it then beeps for 5 seconds when starting the walk or run. The only thing I haven't got is the mile pace, need to work out if it is possible to have that recording as well. 

    Come on Team Galloway! We can do it! Love the One team, one dream Chris.

  • LMA - well done on your half

    chicken - I have got info from Jeff Galloway's website, and from this thread basically!

    LMA - I have been using my garmin on interval too, and not sure how to get the mile splits, other than trying to figure it out which seems a bit complicated. 

  • Hi everyone. Really exciting to read all of your progress reports. You are all stars image   alas my plans for Brighton marathon have been dashed due to suspected cartilage damage. Nothing to do with running - I've got an odd shaped knee cap which appears to be rubbing and damaging the soft tissue.   Rather a nuisance but there will be another marathon somewhere once I'm sorted.  Keep up the great work I will be watching eagerly xxx 

  • Hi Guys

    You are all doing great! 

    LMA: try 4/1 next time. I don't see the point of the 2 minutes walking since you will 'recover' too much in my opinion. It is all personal but 2 minutes seem very long

    Minnie: wat a shame on the knee! Hope you are feeling better soon. Are you taking glucosamine/chondroitin?

    Chris: well done on the long run!

    I have another long run in two weeks time. I am planning to experiment each 3 miles with another ratio 1/30 and also 2/1 (which should be the same), 2/30 and 4/1 Just to see how it feels and how it works out. I have two more long runs to experiment image

    Just did my mile repeats last weekend and they went OK  There was a lot of wind that day but it felt good. I have a 12x and 14x to go now. 

    Keep up the good work. The main thing during the London marathon is a good plan: and sticking with the plan. Don't let yourself distracted by the mass or other runners. Start slowly and look at the watch. You will probably be too fast even if you think you go slowly.

    Don't make the mistake to think 'o I can run this pace, it feels good so heck with the slow start'...... You ALWAYS feel fresh at the start and the beginning of a run. Starting too fast wil NOT work out in the end

    If you have the plan on running with RWR, do so straight from the start although you might feel silly. The main thing IS the start, don't wait untill you are tired. Don't respond to people trying to 'cheer you up' when you are walking. 

    Experiment with food and drink before the race. Know where water posts are, so that you can take you walk break at the water post.

    Finish with a smile and with a good feeling when it is the first marathon. 

    Relax and feel confident image and.... enjoy!

  • ChrissiChrissi ✭✭✭

    Chris/Lainey/Mathschick - well done on those long runs

    LMA - great result for your half - i activated the GPS on my garmin then started the interval workout then switched to the normal training screen and started that, then i had the mileage, pace and everything recorded as normal with beeps for my intervals.  Going to practice the setting it going over the next couple of weeks so it's easy on marathon day.

    Anyway we did our 20 yesterday on a 5/1 ratio and result it worked it definately worked.  We averaged steady 12mm all the way which was about 30 secs per mile faster than when we tried to run it all.  Also i wasn't wreaked after and managed a dog walk, to cook a roast dinner and i stayed awake to watch Mr Selfridge image and today i feel fine.  So i will definately be doing this for Manchester in 3 weeks.


  • @ chrissie: try another ratio next time with less running minutes. I bet you are even faster!

    Just did an easy training and experimented with ratios. I set the autolap on 800 mtr laps and tried things like 30/30, 30/15, 60/30, 60/15 but also 120/30.  It is always difficult to compare because the laps are never the same but I tried to run the same way as well..... not much difference between 60/15 and 30/15 I was a little faster on the 30/15 (!). No difference between 120/30 and 60/30 (surprising).

    At the end I ran 2 easy 1000 meter laps, the first on 12/30 and the second on a 25/15 ratio. The same and it is needless to day that the last one felt easier.

    Just food for thought I guess. I will see how it works out on my 26 miler in two weeks time. I will divide the route in 5K laps and use a different ratio for each of them.


  • Chrissi thanks for the advice re the Garmin, will practice on next run. Might even go for a gentle walk now to try it out. 

    Running Max I am hoping to do a long slow run at the weekend so will try some different ratios with less running! Thank you. 

    I agree with all you said about being confident with the R/w strategy and remaining focused. I did start right at the beginning yesterday and yes I did feel a little silly walking after 8 mins. I was asked many times if I was ok when I started walking. I explained the plan to some of the runners. As it was my home town it was even more difficult. So pleased I managed to stick with the plan. I know it is better to start slowly and go faster at the end if you are able.

    Any ambitions of a certain time have long since aim is to finish, to enjoy and be smiling at the end, just like you said. This is my first marathon so no pressure for a PB. 

    My oldest son hit the nail on the head when he said go out there and have fun with the rhinos! 

    Have a good week everyone. Keep reporting back with your experiences please. 

  • @ LMA: sounds good image Stick with your plan!

    I read my post again and ofcourse the last laps where 120/30 versus 25/15 I made a typo there....

    Keep running!

  • @ Chrissi my Garmin does show all fields, but doesn't show the mile pace at each mile point. When I download to the computer there are only the interval times. Is this what you have? 


  • welshgjewelshgje ✭✭✭

    Evening All,

    Finally found time to pop into this thread. I did a proper walk/run using 8/2 on Sunday and it was great. I did 14.5 miles. I felt good afterwards and found I was running my bits faster than normal. Whether I can hold it for 26.2 miles is another matter.

    It definitely seems my legs are getting used it.

    I've been reading on this thread about the worry of being laughed at or not taken seriously. But - I've managed to get it into my head that I don't care. I will get to the end of the Paris Marathon using Walk Run. Hopefully it will be within 5 hours.

    Thanks everyone - great thread.

  • LMA - that's what I get on my garmin, just the intervals and not the mile splits. When I am out I can see the 'current pace' but can't figure out how to get it split into each mile. I think when I set up the intervals it overrides the autolap thing as the laps become the intervals


  • Hi, though I would let you know how it went for me today, on my trial RWR.  

    It wasn't really the best day for this, I had worked in the garden all weekend, and was feeling shattered, and it ended up being really hot out, and I would have killed for a drop of water near the end.  I also made a school girl error of missing my first gel as I concentrated on the timings.

    But, I decided on a 3/30 which I worked out would give me the sort of average I was looking for, and I wouldn't say that I found it a lot easier starting running again nearer the end of the run, as everything was hurting, but the thought that I only needed to run for 3 minutes really helped.  30sec can go in a blink of an eye as well.  But overall I am a convert.  I managed an average of 5.6mph which was better than I was hoping for in the marathon.  I intend to do a few more longish and one long one, and will definitely keep at it.


  • Hi Gareth - great to see you visiting. have you tried 4/1 or even 2min/30secs? 

    Hi Max - I'm not sure the others realise that you have 2 years experience using JG's approach And how successful you have been with it.

    Max is the font of all knowledge folks and runs pretty fast using R/W too. 

  • Hi Chicken - well done for giving R/W a good go. Personally I would have gone for shorter segments eg 60/30 or if I was tired/hot etc 30/30. I think you would be surprised at your pace and your legs would recover better. I did 24 miles on Fri and did NOT hit the wall using short segments. 

    I'm 60 so slow, but have averaged 11m/mi using 30/30 on an 8 mile run. Give it a go.

  • Just thinking about what others have said about walking at the start, don't care about what people say, as I believe this will work for me, but how convenient is it to start walking?  Just how crowded is it for how long at London?  Don't want people running into the back of me as I start to walk and equally don't want to spend the first mile or so looking over my shoulder! When does it thin out?  Is it worth running to that point, assuming I would have had to walk a fair bit at first too?  sorry for all the questions, but trying to get race head on!

  • Hi Mathschick thanks for confirming your Garmin does the same. I thought that may be the case that the intervals override the mile lap. 

    Great to hear you are feeling more positive about the R/W plan Gareth. Are you having any problems with your injury Gareth? 

    I just wish I had a little more time to try different ratios, get fitter and for my knee to have fully recovered! 

    Sorry I cannot help you Lainey but valid questions if anyone can help. 

    Any ambitions of a certain time have long since aim is to finish, to enjoy and be smiling at the end, just like you said. This is my first marathon so no pressure for a PB. .............Forgot to add and catch my bus home. image


  • Lainey23 - there were many many RWRers in the Disney Marathon in January.  The 'done thing' appears to be to move to the side and to hold your hand up when you stop to walk.  That way the people behind you dont get a nasty shock.  

    when I eventually get to do my next event I quite fancy wearing  a Tshirt with Run Walker written on the back - then people can see this is a positive strategy rather than wondering why you entered a marathon if you are walking after half a mile!

    RunningMax - I have just started taking the glucosamine/chondroitin tablets to see if it will help - have you found them to be good ?   Also can I ask you something else , I gather you run ultra events but do you still use RWR for shorter distances like half marathons ?

  • It's so great to see you all still posting your success using RWR on your long runs, for me as a newish runner my long runs are still only in the 5 - 6 mile distance but I am finding using the walk breaks is really making it much more enjoyable and adding distance far less daunting, Can I ask you though when you are doing shorter runs do you still use R/W or do you just run the whole lot? what would be the longest distance you would run without considering using R/W from the start?

  • ChrissiChrissi ✭✭✭

    LMA - ooh not sure as mine won't download anymore and i haven't looked in the watches history to see what was recorded.  I just normally go on the average at the end cos living in Snowdonia i've never been able to work out pace with all those hills to go up and down mines all over the place.

    Lainey - i think if you stay over to the side rather than run in the middle and just double check no-ones right behind you as you walk you'll be ok.  I've found on most of my longer races you settle into natural groups for most of the race anyway so they'll get used to your technique.

  • Thank you, for your advice chrissie and Minnie.  I'll make sure I'm to one side.  Thank you x

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