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I am yet to be diagnosed but my doctor suggested I may have strained the ligament in the medial part of my knee. I have done no running for one month, rested and iced it is much better more flexibility and swelling has gone down. I have tried to run again but there is still something there and I scared I will go back to square one. I wondered how effective a knee brace is, I am not expecting it to cure me but until I go back to my doctor I will try anything! ?         


  • Useful in minimising any side to side movement caused by a misplaced foot, if you can find a brace that goes tight enough! You would need one that is wired at the sides!

  • I strained medial ligaments on both knees at different stages during last rugby season. it was quite sore but to be honest it didn't take a month to get better. As you mentioned above, it might be worth getting someone else to have  look. 

  • Well went to my doctors today and it looks like it could onset arthritis in my right knee. They wont send me for a scan because it would not show up if it is arthritis. So therefore the worst news is that my doctor advised me not to run anymore  absolutely devastated!! image swim and cycle she said. Although I was advised to use a treadmill to get way form hard surfaces. I love my running any advise on arthritis?       

  • I've strained knee ligaments on a couple of occasions and all was well after 6-9 weeks. Depends on the severity of the strain and your activity levels during the recovery period.  Put your feet up and rest - that's the best cure.

  • I'd ask for a referal to a knee specialist, preferably one who does some sports.

    Telling you not to run again without confirming arthritis seems premature. Is it traumatic arthritis caused by the strain or osteoarthritis which is suspected? 

    I damaged pcl and mcl ligaments and cartilage in feb. I developed some arthritis behind kneecap due to new knee position with looser pcl, and needed surgery to trim a little cartilage.  But surgeon was happy for me to run once I had full strength and flex back, which was about 3 months. Physio politely advised me to lose some of the weight I gained sitting down for 8 months first, and to limit distance, but said aiming for 10k initially was ok.

    If you have osteoarthritis or rheumatiod arthritis the situation might be different depending on the extent. I would expect an mri scan to show this though.

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