Think I am in need of some training advice

Hi guys

was hoping to get some advice on my training, I am looking to do a marathon in the new year, I feel that lately I have plateaued in my training and I'm not sure why, I am 190cm 89kg with a bmi of around 24.8/25 and measuring my %bodyfat on my omron scales at home I vary from 14% to 20%

I run between 20 and 50 km per week and do acouple of hours cycling on top of that, I mix up my training so do interval running on short runs and max 150 BPM on long runs, however I don't seem to be knocking a lot off and making the strides I previously made I can run 5k at around 4m per km and that doesn't seem to be getting any lower,  but but also my long range running is around 4m 45 per km and it doesn't seem to be lowering either.

i do feel that at 89kg I am quite heavy so would losing afew kilos help me? Maybe going on a low fat high protein diet?


Or am I looking in the wrong area

Thanks for help in advance image


  • Are you chubby ? Ignore the scales - they seem to be all over the shop.

    If you can lose some fat - then you will run faster.

    You can run faster by 2 seconds per mile per lb lost.

    Its much easier to just eat a bit less than it is to run it off.

    Look at a pack of Pringles - 1000 calories. I can eat a pack a lot faster than I could run the 10 miles to burn it off.

    I'd not bother with any faddy diets - just cut down and look at what you're eating. maybe this is the wrong time of year to start - but it is a lot easier to run with less weight.
  • Im not chubby I'm a 33 waist can see acouple of ribs at 190cm I'm quite tall so some of it is in that, I don't want to end up in some fad diet that isn't giving me energy to run  I just seem to be heavy for some reason, the problem I have is I was making really good progress going from running 4.30 per km down to 4 per km, went from 107kg down to 89 and now for a year almost haven't really moved on 

  • 20 - 50km is a broad range, and quite low at that. It doesn't sound like there is much consistency to your running, and it doesn't sound like a balanced plan, e.g I'd question the benefits of speedwork on low mileage.

    You should take a look at a structured plan for the marathon to get an idea of sessions and mileage. Reducing weight will help, but not to the extent that regular miles will.

  • It sounds like you could lose a few more kilos but not many, that'd let you run faster but not much. Getting away from a plateau is very tricky, sooner or later the answer will come to you. A new training partner, a new routine, less weight, more miles, its very individual and can take a while to work out.

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