I am a 58 old runner till two month ago every things was tip top about 25 miles a week

but suddently of bronth ago everything goes wrong out of breath and facing a wall on only 3 miles e

I ve seen my GP got an xray that one came back clear did have an electrocardiogram

that one was OK as well 

lately I have tryed to go easy no more than 3 miles but I am about 2 minutes over my normal pace and no second wind ,normal recuperation

Over this period of time I have been under stress .working problem ...

 well any ideas or advices


  • Has anything else changed e.g. food patterns, sleep, running route...

    Is it possible you have SAD - seasonal affected disorder - and could be affected by the darker days and feel more lethargic etc?


  • or you are suffering from classic stress symptoms

    Is time of that much importance for you at the moment or can you run to relax and to destress?  Once the work issue has resolved itself you will have a good base fitness from which to work up some speed
    Sometimes you cant solve everything at once
    Use the running as your therapy at the moment and not to add to your woes

  • thank you for your answer

    yes a few thing has change

    first 2 months ago my wife and me were redundant in only 3 days

    so bad food for a month and depress

    we both now start a new job

    everything is getting  better but still struggling on my running

    i sleep more than ever but wake up already tired with an headache which goes after an hour or two

  • Might be worth getting some blood tests done by GP. POSSIBLE THYROID PROBLEM?

  • Also possible viral infection and post-viral fatigue following that. In which case you need to give yourself rest and time.

  • I was going to suggest thyroid too. I'm diabetic, which is not ideal for runners, but I'd coped with that - then early last year I found myself losing energy midway through races and training runs. Fortunately, I get a lot - I mean, a lot - of blood tests, so they soon found my thyroxin levels were low. Little white pills helped. A blood test would at least set your mind at rest.

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