Which boost offer the most support

Hi I currently run in the adidas sequence and the ds trainer 18... Very interested in trying the adidas boost range but not sure which offer the most support? Help


  • I don't think the Boost have support in them currently.

  • Funny how many of your posts have links to an adidas selling website.

  • Happened to me SG.




  • If I say adidas does it link ?
  • COOL !
  • Hi, I never new it linked..sorry can't help it if I run in the sequence which is made by that said brand. i once owned some mizuno if it makes the brand ratio any better...

  • Well Ive had a pair of boosts and also the next step up the Adidas Adistar Boosts (who comes up with these names???). In all honesty I didnt notice too much difference between the two but I am a fan of them. They do seem bouncier.

    Having said that, the effect definitely 100% wears down after lots of usage. The implication (from what I can see is) that the foam bounces back and does it forever, whereas if you were to run in them on a fairly consistent basis for a couple of months, then try on a new pair, you'll notice how much bounce you've lost.

    Having said all that, I wouldnt want to wear them on a X country event, while they bounce nice on hard surfaces, run on them on grass and they feel worse than a 'normal' shoe in my opinion.



  • Awww c'mon what's with all the sensible replies, surely Cadburys Boost is by far the best boost out there? 

  • No! These Boosts were made for walking!

  • I’ve found Adidas’s sequence boost to be fantastically supportive, shame they’re not sold anymore though
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