Running + electric cigarette

Hello all,

I had a XC race last Sunday which I had problems with breathing in, was constantly out of breath.  Due to this I made a decision to switch from real to electric cigarettes in order to hopefully help with that


Has anybody done this also with any success?  No need for the 'why not just quit' comments, I struggle going cold turkey so hopefully this is a stepping stone which makes it easier to quit down the line


  • If we are to believe what is said, then electronic cigs are less unhealthy than smoking. End of thread.

  • Why don't you try quiting now rather than "down the line"?

  • Okay, then. I tried electronic cigarettes instead of real ones. After a while I felt much better and ran a bit faster.

  • Was the name A N Other already taken?

  • I think all runners struggle with breathing in races - smokers or not. Smoking can't help with breathing can it ?

    Colleague of mine used to smoke 20 a day. He's swapped to electric cigarettes and he's a changed man. Works out all the time, lost weight - it's not all down to the fags but its impressive over all.
  • It's a bit like checking into a hotel as Mr and Mrs Smith. Flip to the front page of the phone directory. Ahh A Brown. That's who I will be. 

  • I must say it is fairly rare to meet a smoker who runs. As Cinders says, don't. But you don't want to hear that do you Mr A Aardvark?

  • Stay tuned for Dr Grinch's next free medical health seminar, Depression: cheer up and snap out of it.

  • You forgot about the slap round the face. Your fault Phil, I'm still depressed after listening to the Low!!

  • AB - show me a runner who isn't gasping for air in a race and I'll show you a slacker. image
  • Congrats on taking the first step. I'm now 2 years and 4 months smoke free and feeling good. I didn't try the electric ones but used patches and tic tacs and quit cold turkey. Haven't looked back! Keep at the electric ones and you never know someday soon you might just quit them.

  • Well its all aerobic isnt it ? Its not like you speed up towards the end of the race - so after 3 mins you'd be going as fast as at the finish.
  • I quit smoking 18 months ago, and went cold turkey. I started exercising more around the same time though and there was such a noticeable difference in breathing and puff that I wanted to keep it up and it motivated me to keep going. 

    In July my "20-30 a day for the last 25 years" boyfriend switched from real cigs to a vapour/e-cig and he's kept at it and not had any lapses at all. He's now down to the equivalent of about 4 cigs a week in nicotine. 

    Good luck with it - quitting isn't easy, it is an addiction after all, and you have to WANT to do it; I tried loads of times to give up but never lasted more than a few weeks as oddly, I missed it but also quite enjoyed it. This time my determination and willpower won though! 

  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭

    Firstly - sorry I can't help with the question of whether the electronic ciggies will help, but you haven't mentioned if this is the first time this has happened, or how long you have been running.

    If you regularly do XC and normally can breathe "properly" there may be something else going on other than the detrimental effects of smoking.  If you have only just started running, and/or usually run on flat pavements, then it could just be that XC is much tougher than you expect.

    If it's the former, there could be a lot of explanations - you could be coming down with a cold, could be anaemic or something.

    Regardless, anything which may ultimately lead you to kicking the fags is a good thing, so I'd say go for it.

  • Good that you have stopped altogether. keep it that way - even if you get cravings they only last a few minutes so try to ignore them.  Good luck on your XC

  • Is it just me or does anyone else think Philomena is a complete twat?

  • You make me laugh with 50% of your posts Stuey. When you make me laugh with all of them you will be a wit.

  • Well done ABrown. Kicking the fags is never easy, I know from experience.

    Ah yes, Philomena (or whatever he's calling himself this week) ... a true shining wit, as William Spooner might have said.

  • stuart180 wrote (see)

    Is it just me or does anyone else think Philomena is a complete twat?

    That's the voice of inexperience speaking there, Stuart. If you think Philomena is a twat you really haven't been here long enough...


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