Lump on outside of leg

Hi all. Hoping for some advice on the following: I've suffered from various a tight itb for a while but strengthening my glutes etc has made a big difference. However, today I experienced something rather different. As I was running, I felt a tightness around my right shin after about 3k. After a while, a lump appeared about 2cm above my ankle but very much on the outside of the leg rather than further in where I would expect to see symptoms of shin splints. The lump disappeared after an hour or so and my shins don't feel particularly tight now. I don't get any pain flexing my foot either. Not sure these symptoms sound like typical shin splint symptoms but I might be being too precise. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.


  • similar happened to a friend of mine.

    he's dead now

  • D M S I would see your GP mate we might be able to work out what it is but half of us can barely dress ourselves in the morning so I'd talk to a Dr

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