• He was only popular with dickheads, Karen. The rest of us thought he was a tosser.
  • Get a life Karen. He wasn't a nice person.
  • The only reason Jack Mills did not die and the robbers were not murderers, was they didn't hit him hard enough with that iron bar.

    iIt was not on account of any fore thought or basic morality on their part that they weren't executed, as the law would have required at the time.   It was only an accident that they did not casually kill.

    Total and utter scum,  the only scum who are lower, are the ones who made money from making films and TV documentaries about them.

    it is not as if we have anything to learn from studying them.  I accept all the TV programs about Hitler, they tell us something useful, beware of politicians, understand how exploitation works.  Ronnie Biggs teaches us nothing, he is irrelevant, he deserved everything he got.  Al Magrahi should not have been released from prison 10 years before he died.  But the release of Ronnie Biggs was far worse.  

  • Johnny Blaze wrote (see)
    He was only popular with dickheads, Karen. The rest of us thought he was a tosser.

    ^ This.

    I only hope we don't get funeral coverage on Sky.

  • Yep scum. I'm not boosting the viewing figures by watching the drama.
  • Not sure whether I should admit it to watching it here but they did a phone survey on the One Show last night and 15% of the respondents said he would be mourned 85% said no.

    He (and they were scum) 

  • I think the media loved him and that is why he was always painted so well


    But we all know that that part of the media is scum..........

     he was scum

  • Not sure he was particularly popular, so much as notorious.

    I believe he was a minor player in the robbery itself, but became very famous when he went on the run to Brazil and no Sunday tabloid in the '70's was complete without a story on what he was up to.

    He even sang on a truly appalling post-John Lydon single with the Sex Pistols, which was a minor hit.

    By the way, not sure why this thread comes under the "Health & Injury" forum !

  • David Jones 39 wrote (see)


    By the way, not sure why this thread comes under the "Health & Injury" forum !

    His health deteriorated suddenly ?

    Samuel Karen wrote (see)

    He was not so popular with Scotland Yard!



    Well of course he wasn't you muppet, he was a criminal

  • Nick Windsor 4 wrote (see)

    Karen I hope you've got a nice arse , because you talk from it

    Miaow! image

  • Lydon's dad was a train driver and was not impressed that fat barrelled , bungling burglar Biggs sang on a song under the name The Sex Pistols. For the record my Grandad was a train driver too. It could have been Johnny's Dad or my Grandad he coshed. 

  • He only wanted to come back to Blighty to use the NHS. The government of the day should have refused to give him a new passport and left him at the mercy of the Brazilian health service.

    His passing is no loss imho.

  • Just wait to see the tacky horse drawn hearse followed by the dregs of humanity

  • *nods*

    Doubtless accompanied by vox pops of toothless old cockernee bags and drink-wrecked wannabe gangsters opining that "he was a good boy really, and he only ever 'urt 'is own".
  • Good riddance to bad rubbish, although it is disappointing to see people making him out as some kind of Robin Hood figure as some of our press love to do. He was the lowest of the low, a common thief  

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