Spending on races

Just signed up for a half marathon in March so have spend £23 before I start 2014. I have rough plans for a 10k in April, Autumn HM and my local 5k. It all racks up in spend.

How much do you all spend a year on races?  


  • I dread to think lol.  I put skydiving on hold (and that's £20 per jump!) for a year or two to choose a cheaper sport and try save some cash, but i'm not sure it has worked especially when factoring in hotel, travel, flights etc!!  And gear!

    I do a lot of small, local races/races costing up to about £12 each plus free parkruns every Saturday, but then i do like to go for the big, mass races as well such as the Great North Run or the Brighton Marathon several times a year, which cost far more.  I do triathlon as well, which are are more expensive that running races so it does add up!

    I'm not going to try and work it out, it'll only make me depressed before Christmas and the credit card bill isn't even out yet!

    Best of luck with your half though! Which one are you doing?

  • I daren't add it up! I have already entered 10 races for 2014, varying from £18 to about £50. Then there's travel and accommodation. Someone said I'd be rich when I gave up smoking and took up running - lies!

  • From someone that did flying lessons, I don't even think about the price of a race, I just enter the ones I want to run.

    Although I've entered a couple of Triathlons and those can get pretty expensive.

  • I've spent about £150 already on races for next year and that only takes me to May. But a heft chunk of that includes the Paris Marathon registration fee. I can see me hitting the £300 mark by the end of the year, easily.

  • Spare a thought for us triathletes! An Ironman costs around 400 euro, a half will run around 130 to 200 depending on how early you book. An Olympic distance tri costs  on average 45 euro, a sprint comes out around 20. Then there's all the gear, bike and all its bits, wetsuit (I usually need a new one every 3 years or so), bike shoes, helmet, running shoes, etc. etc. My OH just bought a new set of wheels for his race bike - they cost 1300! Plus travel and lodging to any event that's not nearby.

    I'm entered in one sprint, two Olympic and one half-IM for 2014 so far. And the half involves travelling 600 miles or so one way!

    Still, we don't smoke or binge drink, nor eat out a lot.   image

  • Agree with IronWolf....

    I thought Paris was a bargain last year, 2 of us did it and had 6 days in Paris for less than the average Ironman entry 

  • I've just done a rough estimate of what I spent this year... £320! I have done a ridiculous amount of races this year though so would expect it to be a little less next year.

  • By the end of the year I'll have done 16 races and two bike TTs (one more race to go on Boxing Day).

    This will have cost me £157 in entry fees, and a bit of petrol to get to the events.  None have required an overnight stay as they're all local.

    The average cost is £8.69, with the most expensive being £21 and the cheapest £2.

    Excellent value, I think image

  • I do a race most months, sometimes two or three, being 10ks and half marathons. Only the occasional marathon.

    The average cost is probably between £20 and £25 per event. Add rail fares and sometimes a taxi too, which can be as much again. I reckon several hundred pounds altogether in the course of a year.

    In general, I think it's good value for a day out doing something I enjoy. And I'm fortunate to have the disposable income to afford it.

    But now that I tot it up it does seem a lot image

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