Our #asics262 journey to Manchester: Bootcamp 'rejects'

Just entered and raring to go!



  • Yes, let the training commence....and I welcome the imminent return of my bruised toenails...

  • Hahaha, that's true, but when they start t fall off that's a little difficult. I went for a pedicure last Summer post Edinburgh and the toenail painting lady was horrified - she told me I should go to the docs straight away!

  • Excited! (plus a bit nervous)

    What are the time goals for everyone tackling Manchester?  I know bigcubscout and I are both in the sub 4.30 category.

  • I am aiming for sub-4. My pb is 4.19.44 from Edinburgh earlier this year and I'm determined to do it. My weakness in training was NOT doing the long runs beyond 15 miles. This will not happen for Manc!

  • We will be trialing behind you then. Great to have a goal!

    Most importantly before all the trianing starts we need to get the basics right, where are we heading for a bootcamper recovery drink afterwards....

  • Ooh bigcubscout, you've done Manc before then?

  • Seems quite a few of the asics 26.2 pyojgct are now entered into Manchester. Be good to see they round the route. 

    Everyone looking forward to the first official long run Sunday tomorrow?

  • Yes, going to get in a 10 miler. Just looked at the weather and if I do this first thing it should be okay. How far you going Dave?

  • I am only planning a 7miler tomorrow. First week, plan to build long run Sunday steadily. 

    Yeah weather doesn't look great. At least the rain cools you down! 

  • 11 mile long slow run done. 9:39 pace overall. Felt comfortable, good weather apart from the headwinds when it was a little more challenging. Who else has done their first long slow run?

  • Hi Team Manc!

    How is the training going? So far I am loving it - might be a different story in 13.5 weeks!! haha.


  • Hi dave. Training going well. Im adapting a programme for me frim the rw website. Did a double parkrun yesterday - the first one was a complete mud bath! Good fun though. How is ur training going?
  • Yeah its good thanks, I am adapting the programme too. Bit of challenege to get movitvated during Christmas but I managed it. Didnt get any Parkruns in though. just didnt work out where I was.

  • 11 mile lsr done! Looking forward to replenishing my lost salt later with some pork belly!

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Hi guys, been meaning to come on here for a while but have been swallowed up by other stuff.

    Love the idea of this thread image  

    I must confess to having read Dave's post above and thought you were Team Malcimage

    Was there not someone else from bootcamp doing Manchester? Thinking about it that could have been Paul who was deciding whether he would or not. I know my good pal Angela I is doing it (she's mentoring Rachel on the Forum 5 sub 4:30 group).

    Good to hear training is going well. Christmas always plays havoc with training I find, though more on the eating and drinking side. Hopefully now January is here it'll be easier to settle into a routine.

    Very best of luck to you all!

  • Hi Malc,

    Thanks for visiting our little thread, we are on team Malc too! I see your training is going well. If only we could all run as fast as you.

    bigcubscout, trianing is going well, had first really wet run on saturday but still good fun. I even made it up to run as part of my clubs marathon training bus at 8am on sunday. 8am on a Sunday - bonkers!!

    Have a bit of an interval session to do this evening, I enjoy those sessions. 1m jog, 4x 800m fast with 200m receoveries followed by 1m jog.

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Ha ha - excellent, thanks! image

    You've no doubt already done the interval session, hope it went well?

    Steve was saying that it's better to do your intervals with a fixed rest time. If you go for a 200m recovery it's too tempting to run it slower to give you more of a rest as the reps increase. Something to try next time maybe.

  • Hi all

    Hope all doing well. Had a good week of training and can't believe that the first four weeks are nearly over! I'm doing the Rough and Tumble 10 this weekend with the brother-in-law. As I normally run on flat towpaths the epic hills in this should be a challenge!! Will try and get to Swindon parkrun too on Saturday for a gentle trot around.

    I;ve also entered the Kingston/WholeFoods breakfast run in March that is 16 miles and the Surrey Spitfire 20. Malcs is doing this so it should be fun to catch-up with him (before the race, not during, I'm far too slow to catch him!) I know I struggled with doing the long runs for Edinburgh last year so this is a good way for me to ensure that I do them. Also doing the Surrey Half marathon that's a new one. What other runs pre-marathon have people got booked in?





  • How did you find the Rough and Tumble EastEndjogger? A lot of my running club did it and really enjoyed it. I am sticking to no off roading while I train as I dont want to get injured.

    I managed a long run of 14miles on sunday, furthest I have ever run and more importantly over half-way!! Actually felt really good throughout and not too bad afterwards.

    I have entered the Bramley 20 for the same reasons as you, running long disatnces is way better in a group.

    I am in Swindon too, our club (slinn Allstars) has a long run trianing group on a sunday morning if you are looking at getting a group to support your long running? Not sure if you live there or just visiting.. but thought i'd mention it.

    Anyone booked up accomodation for Manchester Yet?

  • Hi Dave

    The Rough'n'tumble 10 was tough but fun. I'm not used to running such extreme hills or rough terrain. I'm not confident with heights and extreme hills so one mile took me over 20 minutes! It was enjoyable mind, and whilst people were passing me left, right & centre on the v. steep hill (up & down) once we got back to country lanes and uphills I was running and passing people (whereas they were walking).  I took just under 2 hours, not amazing, but I didn't expect to be. The cakes were amazing though!


    Well done on your 14 miles. I never managed to go beyond 16 miles in training for my first marathon nad that was a huge mistake. Good to see you've entered the long run.

    I was in Swindon cos my sis lives there (with my young nephew and niece) and my brother in law was doing the rough n tumble. I often visit and enjoy the parkrun there in Lydiard. I've seen the Slinns around! I'm based in London usually and my running club is starting to do long runs for marathon people so hopefully there'll be some ppl going at the pace I was to go at.

    I'm hopefully staying with friends as I was at uni there. Am looking at trains etc. We shall defo all have to meet for a drink at the end!

  • Having re-read your post I did think you were just visiting the mighty Don!

    Great work on the RandT, having looked at some of the picture on the club facebook page it seemed crazy!!

    Yeah I am trying to make sure that I build up the long runs on a sunday.

    OK my wife and I are looking at an aprthotel. yeah meeting for a drink with everybody would be great!

  • Rough and tumble was fun - was nice for a change, can get a bit tired of slugging out the pace at  road races, being overly concerned with speed. This was, for me, definitely more of a run than a race.

    Did 16 miles yesterday and I was up in Yorkshire so it was on a lot of trails, bridleways/footpaths and a bit on road. Enjoyed it and enjoyed the fuelling with jelly babies and 1 gel, though I must confess that I did keep nearly choking on the jelly babies so this is something for me to watch out for.


    Who else did a long slow run yesterday?

  • Hi Guys,

    Sorry for not visiting this thread for a while. Training is going well. 17miler coming up this sunday. Another PB distance for me, with 15.7 still the furthest I have gone.

    did a good hill session yesterday, was fun to mix things up a bit. Variety is the spice of life....


    yeah watch out for those jelly babies, I have just started experimenting with the SIS gels and they are working really well so far.

    If any of you are interested - I have set up a blog around my training etc, it is here: http://shortysrunfurther.blogspot.co.uk/

  • 18 miles yesterday and really feeling it today!

  • Hi all just found the thread. Signed up for Manchester - so far so good with the training. Multiple aches pains stiffness, and the odd motivational dip, apart from all that - otherwise not going too badly. 

    How about everyone else?

    Only a few more weeks to go!!

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