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Yup.....Im talking about INSANITY!!! Long story but my bf at the time was lazy and selfish (only split about 2 months ago after 3yrs of me trying) but ya our lifestyles are very different. his playstation was his workout and sadly his physical health reflected that!!! I kept the DVD's and ive been doing them religiously for 2 weeks now. The results are fantastic as i have a super clean diet aswell. No wheat, dairy or sugar! Because of the intensity of the workouts i havent been running but im hopefully going to reintroduce it in the new year. not sure how tho as the workouts are hard! lol But i LOVE them. probably only do a couple 5km's a week. Does anybody else do Insanity or other exercises to support running? I mean cardio/resistance (not yoga as i do yoga aswell). ciao image


  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    Has your running improved off the back of all the gym work?

    I used to do 4 runs (25-30 miles) and 3 gym sessions a week.

    Now I do 6 runs (50-55 miles) and 1 or 2 gym sessions a week.

    I have taken 40 mins off my marathon time and 15 mins off my 10 mile time.

    Some strength work is important but more running will help you with your running performance.

    "Eating clean" seems to be a new buzzword.
  • How can doing so much exercise that you cant actually go running help your running ?
  • I eat clean, well ok I don't, but I have learnt to use a napkin. image


  • Fish n chips worked fine for Britain's best ever runner.



  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    That evidence is good enough for me Ian!
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