Running with ARVC

I have just been diagnosed with ARVC and been advised not to run ever again. As a runner of 30+ years this is hard to accept. I have suffered many instances of non sustained VT when running, resolved by a short walk or slowing down. I have been advised to have a ICD fitted and am considering this at the moment, but have been told by the cardiologist that even with this protection I shouldn't run. Is this just doctors being over cautious or should I listen? I am more than happy to reduce distance and speed but not to give up all together. Would appreciate advice etc from anyone with knowledge or experience of this condition.


  • Hi Mary,

    Sorry to hear of your diagnosis, but please follow your doctors advice, they have studied for years and have probably seen many cases like yours and so are advising you from experience, it may be hard to accept but i'm sure they can advise other less stress inducing activities to replace running.

    We only get one shot at life and should also look to minimise risk where we can!

    Best of luck.

  • In these situations you can always seek a second opinion - and in this case if you are to do so, seek out a cardiac specialist who runs or treats athletes.  Some doctors are over cautious (some doctors are just really bad at their job - I know and have worked with quite a few over the years, somehow they make consultant).  In the UK you pay your taxes and take your chances - your assigned consultant may be brilliant at their job and the advice you got spot on, but n=1 and all thatimage 

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