Knee pain - ligaments or bruise?

Knocked my knee on the inside of my desk last week - right in the tender bit which is usually painful. A few days later the pain is still there especially when putting weight through the heel of my foot. Could I have possibly done any further damage than simply bruising? Raced yesterday (probably not wise) but doesn't feel too much worse


  • I bruised my knee a couple of months ago and continued running ok, when I completed a half marathon I think it caused a slight tear as I had more pain.  Took about three weeks to recover.  I started running again the week before last, then last week I fell off my bike at a slow speed and knocked the same knee again!  It is bruised worse this time than last due to the impact.  I am resting again and using ice and elevation. 

  • Cheers Mike I am RICE'ing it as we speak, slight improvement today but not planning on running now until boxing day assuming it improves

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