VLM with a newborn

Hi chaps,

I'm just after a bit of advice and your thoughts, especially if anyone has ever been in a similar precidament ...

Basically, I'm entered to run the VLM in April after deferring from last year due to injury (so I can't defer again). However, my wife gave birth to our beautiful son (our first) on Wednesday. He's amazing but it's been quite a shock to the system what with the sleepless nights/chaotic days etc.

I've not been out since he was born. And at the minute, I can't see how I'm going to be able to commit to running 3/4 times a week.

My wife is very supportive and wants me to do the VLM, because she knows how much it means to me but I'm just wondering if it's better to cut my losses, not do it this year but apply each year until I get in again?

Has anyone ran with a baby in the family? How did you find it?

Many thanks and look forward to your response.



  • You should be able to fit it in, but agree with your wife times when you will run and times when you will look after the baby so she can get out/get some sleep/have a break. Or you could get a jogging pushchair and do some runs with the baby. Maybe accept that you are going for completion rather than a pb so that you are getting enough training done to get round rather than a massive amount. You could run early mornings so that you have time in the evenings to spend with the family. 

  • It's difficult if you want a schedule that says that you have to run X miles at Y time of day, especially at first.  You have to be prepared to fit in what you can when you can at short notice, which might mean early morning one day, late evening the next.  It'll get easier as you all get used to your new circumstances.

  • if you start the training you can stop later if it isn't working out. If you don't get moving now, you won't be fit for the race, and you will Have closed off the option.


  • Have a look in the shades training thread leeee. He and others train on very limited time/mileage. 

    It can be done but with strict discipline. 

    Also if it's not going great, right it off, Run/walk it and soak up the atmosphere image

  • just play it by ear.........

    if doing the runs makes you too tired to enjoy your time with your family then bin it........you might find the fresh air brightens you back up .......

    go with your instincts.if you want to spend your spare time with the baby then do....there will always be more marathons

  • Thanks all. Some really good stuff. Will definitely investigate the shades training thread. Thanks again.

    Oh, and,

    Nick Windsor 4 wrote (see)

    Get a grip, it's not like you've given birth, it's fuck all to men

    The 1970's rang. Please can you return at your earliest possible convinience.

  • I'm a bit mystified as to why you've not been outside since the baby was born a week ago!

    Many people have babies and continue with the rest of life - going out, going to work, running, etc.


  • When I say I haven't been out since the baby was born - I meant out running. Of course I've been out of the house for other things.

    I guess my original question should have just been "Has anyone had experience of running with little or no sleep and what effect does it have?".

    I am well aware of how natural child birth is and what other people do in their daily lives. I am also aware that many of my male colleagues and good friends suffered sleep deprivation in the first few weeks/months of having a newborn! It's a fact.

    Anyway, thanks for ALL the contributions. Really appreciate you taking the time. Merry Christmas. image


  • If you really want to do this, you could find a postnatal doula to come in two or three times a week to help your wife when you're not there.

  • Flob wrote (see)

     In this day and age the only thing a woman really does on her own is squeeze the baby out.

    and they kick up such a fuss about that as well.



  • what is a doula.........???


    and remember every baby is different..sometimes you hit lucky with an angel who will sleep half the day and hardly ever cry.....and sometimes you get the baby from hell......no two situations are the same so learn to adapt.

  • seren nos wrote (see)

    learn to adapt.

    So very true, just get on with it, the more you fret the less you'll do, life is different with a child but it doesn't mean time stands still, everyone's been there and guess what, we mainly survive, don't turn it into a crisis and it won't be one

  • It all depends on the baby - some are good and sleep most of the time - others are buggers and are awake.

    Get used to loooooong walks with the pram. Ok it might not be marathon specific training - but its a lot better than being cooped up inside.
  • Thanks for the advice guys, just seen the latest posts. image

    Decided that I'm going to give this my best shot.

    I've treated myself to some new running shoes (updated to Saucony Omni 12) and things have settled down baby wise.

    I should have maybe said but I'm not a very good runner anyway, so I am going to be happy with anything less than 5 hours. Some of you could probably walk it in that! image

    Cheers again for all the advice. I'll let you know how i get on. image

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