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Been running for 60 odd years, so it's not due to starting a new hobby. I am usually fine on my run (only doing about 30 miles or so a week these days), it's when I stop that it ( bottom of my left heel that is) starts to feel sore and takes a few days to settle down, then it comes back after my next run. I changed my running shoes in a effort to sort it out but that didn't work. My doctor is of the opinion that I should just give up running. Any advice (type of shoe I should be looking for?) or any other advice would be welcome. 

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  • Google plantar fascitis and see if that fits with your symptoms. Good calf stretching can help with heel pain, but you really need to know what it is. Your GP's advice isn't good enough!

  • might be worth seeing a podiatrist or a good sports physio. They will be able to give you a better diagnosis and treatment. In my experience a podiatrist is likely to offer orthotics, a physio is likely to give you exercises and show you how to tape your foot - if it is plantar fascitis. Agree with bookie that your GP's advice isn't good enough and is fairly typical of a non-running GP. 

  • Thanks to both of you. looking up the symptoms it would appear you are right, and that I do indeed have plantar fasciitis. I also had a look at utube and found some exercises that should help. If not I will head to the medics. Not sure if there are recommended running shoes that can help,when it is sorted out if there are any suggestions I will buy a pair to be breaking in for when I am fit for running again.   I appreciate your swift response.    Guess I have been lucky over the years and have had no real running problems in the past. Strange a friend of mine who is a top rank runner (and a good deal younger than me )talked me into jetting a heart training monitor, and that It would let me training with less stress to the body. Bit ironical that lol.  

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