Xmas non running and depressed

Since being diagnosed with posterior tibialis tendinitis and dramatically reduced my mileage over the past month and with no real improvement despite massaging strengthening and resting - it's really getting me down. I realise this is possibly a side issue which I need to address but in the meantime I wanted to vent my frustration to see if anybody else is out there and can help or maybe tell me get a life. Last yeAr I ran on Xmas day and my guilt free Xmas feast and the happy glow I felt inside really made it for me. I have been swimming and have succumbed to the fact that despite reducing my mileage I will have to lay off running until this clears up. Just fed up and it's consuming my thoughts. Bah humbug!


  • Hi there, as frustrating and annoying as I know it is for you, it could be a lot worse and from the sound of it you don't have to wait too long to get better. I do hope that will be the case, just try and be patient and make sure you are fully recovered before you resume training. Enjoy your Christmas!

  • samsunguser: Good luck to you. I know it can be hard but stick around here and vent away. I'm sure many here will have been in the same situation and can advise.

    You have to get better before pushing yourself again.

    Just relax and enjoy the time you have. You know inside that eventually you will get back out there once the injury heals.


  • Hello there

    Firstly thank you for all replies. I read an article once about the different stages people go through when injured. I think I recall it starts with anger and then denial and finally acceptance.... I think I'm slowly coming into the acceptance stage but hanging on to denial. I have not ran now since last sunday and have rested until today when I went to a spin class and a swim. Felt good just exercising and releasing some of my energy. Although I still can't hop for long and I also feel a strain when I push the inside of my foot against my other foot to test the strain. So I've still got some way to go yet. I wished I'd rested right after the initial pain started as I feel I've hindered it by resting then running albeit a reduced distance....it's running all the same image

    The fact that I had built up to half marathon milestone also is quite depressing knowing I'm going to have to start again. I have learnt a lesson that I need to stretch more and strengthen.

    It's good to know In can express my thoughts and feelings here amongst good company as I'm finding I'm not getting any empathy from friends or family (non runners) and they all talk to me like I'm some weirdo as I just want to get out and run.

    Thank you!
  • samsunguser wrote (see)

    The fact that I had built up to half marathon milestone also is quite depressing knowing I'm going to have to start again.

    This is the first mistake I think - you will no where near "have to start again" - I've had 3 months + out for various reasons over the last couple of years, and while you lose fitness - unless you totally let yourself go (alcohol and food frenzy) in the interim, you can get it all back and then some pretty damn quickly.  The first few runs out will be a lot harder than you remember but after 3-4 weeks you'll be way farther down the path to running fitness than you were as a real "beginner".  Both times I became a *complete* couch potato and put on ~2 stones and felt like you do, but both times within 3 months I'd PB'd at most distances and "caught up".  Don't let it get to you, concentrate on keeping well and plan a sensible re-entry and I'm certain you'll come out the better for it!

  • Thanks Daeve. This is comforting. I have been in the main resting and every 2-3 days I have been for a swim or cycle/spin. Food and alcohol wise I'm quite disciplined and conscious of how much I eat without obsessing about it though. I feel that my ankle is getting better but I do get the twinge now and again when I place my foot wrongly and this reminds me that I'm not quite there yet. I'm also failing quickly with the hop test. I'm also stretching and massaging and strengthening (heel drops off a step and balancing on one leg).
  • Daeve +1. I was out for 9 months and even with a foot issue for a few weeks I caught up pretty sharpish. Unfortunately the problem I had also came back pretty sharpish so now in total I've been out over 3.5 years! Still reckon though that once I do get going if I take it easy to begin with I should be okay but endurance may take a while. So I wouldn't worry about it samsunguser - try and enjoy the rest, you may well come back stronger!

  • Update: now 14 days since my last run. Have relieved non running anguish by going to the gym and cycling with intervals to keep the mind and body challenged for 45 mins. A 40-50 length swim and 10 mins xtrainer (get bored with that one).

    Have been self massaging the tibia and calves. Doing heel raises and ankle feels a lot stronger. Not sure when I am safe to go out and run yet though. Have just hopped for 10 hops without pain (couldn't do more than 3 before pain set in 2 weeks ago). Daren't do anymore than 10 incase I irritate and go back to square one.

    Inbetween my v few gym sessions I have rested 3-4 days inbetween also. Oh and stretching calves religiously.
  • Daeve - I'm happy I read that. 5 weeks since my last run after tearing my calf and I should be 3 weeks into my marathon plan for VLM. It's driving me nuts. Saw a physio yesterday and had laser treatment on it, I'm going again on Thursday and hopefully we can get it sorted soon. I'm gutted because I was running better than ever and had hit a 1:40 HM PB 2 weeks before the injury. I had it in my head that I could hit a really decent marathon time and then got the injury. Hopefully I won't have lost as much fitness as it feels like I have. I've been in the gym on the bike and x-trainer but nothing compares to running.
  • ShedboyShedboy ✭✭✭

    Good luck Jack - still time for VLM.  Had two weeks off everything but really 4 as reduced mileage right down and bike for preeceding 2.  back and feel stronger than ever wont ever catch up fully in VLM plan but the worst part is stepping up and not just going for it again.  Have lost fitness but after 5 or 6 runs that's already coming back

  • Hi,

    I totally empathise with how you feel JackHarris and by the sound of how both Daeve and Peter came back after recovery it's encouraging.

    I went to the physio again today.  Was given a painful massage all along the shins, and the outside of the leg and the back of the calf.  I was also told that my foot tendon from the heel to the big toe is also very tight and he massage that too....that was excruciating.  He told me that there was still scar tissue and he told me to roll over these areas myself with tennis ball/foam roller and when I get to the painful bit to bend my foot up and down to help breakdown the scar tissue until the pain starts to fade away and then move on to the next area.  He recommended I keep up the bikes, swimming and xtrainer work until I am all clear - he said about 2 weeks image

    I will also listen to my own body and continue to massage, stretch and strengthen and see if I can do hops without the pain coming on.

    Will keep you posted as this may help some people who are/will experience a similar situation.


  • Ps. now 17 days since my last run.

  • Just came across your post post. I've had a couple of injuries which put me out of running - stress fracture in foot and ITB problem.  I was out of action for a couple of months each time and went through the grumpy, denial and finally acceptance stages!  

    Best advice is don't rush it, it will be worth the wait for the pure pleasure when you have your first run again!

  • Hi Gillian thank you!

    I went for a 4 mile run on Sunday and I felt ok in terms of lung fitness. My ankle still doesn't feel strong although it is much stronger now. So I've rested for the past couple of days and just been for a gym session and went on the bike and did a swim. Nothing compares to running though. Will try another small run on Sunday to see how I feel then. I'm still stretching and massaging and strengthening also.

    Thank you for the positive outlook.
  • I managed 10k on the treadmill on Friday, and again on Monday. I took it easy with both around 58 mins, and the calf felt fairly good, just still a bit sore from the physio. Stamina-wise I felt a lot fitter than I thought I would after 6 weeks out which was pleasing, I felt I could've run at that pace all day. I did good interval sessions on the bike and cross trainer today, will rest tomorrow then see the physio again on Thursday. Next step is getting back out on the road, can't wait!
  • Yippee! Good and positive news.

    I'm still on recovery path.

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