Running with a cast

Has anyone sucessfully trained for 6 weeks with their arm in a cast?

I've broken my wrist and desperately want to get out training but I'm worried about unbalancing my gait and ending up injured further as a result.

Also will the sweat destroy the plaster?

I'm sure I've seen footballers playing with lightweight casts but they probably get theirs changed fairly frequently.


  • I saw someone finish the London Marathon with their broken arm (happened during the race) in a temporary splint.

    I'd suggest NOT running while your wrist is in a plaster of paris backslab. However, once the worst of the swelling has gone down it should be changed for a lightweight plasticky Scotchcast material. This is virtually indestructible and you should be able to run wearing it (put a Velcro ankle/wrist weight around your other arm to balance up - 0.5kg should be plenty). The only problem that might result is that sweat can't escape and Scotchcast isn't very breathable, so your arm will niff a bit.

    Glad you're still keen to run!
  • One of my running colleagues tripped over his feet whilst out running a few weeks back. It took his wife some persuading for him to go to the hospital for x-rays and he came home with a cast - fracture of the lower humerus (just above the elbow). He stopped running for a couple of days, then started 'just a little run' again - he's training for and planning to do the Abingdon marathon, so if you see the bloke in a cast, it will be John.
  • I had a broken wrist and after having the cast on for 7 days I asked the doctor if she would replace it with a lightweighht one, no probs and I carried on running even did a hill race with it (but then all hill racers are nuts anyway). So go for the lightweight cast if you can.
  • Thanks for the tips. My next appointment is next Thursday so I think I'll wait and see what they say.

    I dont want to push it too much as I'm quite dependant on my wrist: I do a bit of climbing and cycling.

    Apart from a bit of fell running, I havent done much running over the summer. My entry is in for the FLM2003 so I ought to start ramping up in an attempt to beat last years 3.58. I wanted to do the Keyworth Turkey Trot 1/2M but I may not have time to get the m8iles in beforehand.
  • Make sure you have a blunt knitting needle handy Frank.... when you start to sweat you are gonna get itchy under that cast!!!
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