Lower back pain

I have been suffering with lower back pain for sometime. I can often feel it when running but find it hurting more when doing abdominal work to the point where I have to stop. Crunches are fine, but when i attempt to brings my legs up and lower them back down my back really hurts causing it to arch.

I have heard that a weak core can cause a bad lower back and also heard that if your hamstrings are tight then this could be connected to lower back pain.

Can anyone recommend any good strenghtening exercises which may help?

Thanks image


  • Whatever you do, get to a physio. I used to have a bad lower back and sometimes it still reminds me of what I went through. I got mine after I stopped something falling onto my knees (we were moving a desk on a trolley). I caught the item and twisted.

    After six months of trying to stretch it out and hope it got better I finally broke into tears and booked into a physio in Swansea. Turns out I was out of alignment - a few massages, a bit of pain relief through acupuncture and nighty streches and 8 or so treatments later I was working on my own to get it better.

    Get it looked at. Since then I have always used the pros to give me the advice I need.

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