Foam Rollers - Which ones

Any advice on how good the trigger point rollers are like the one seen here? Sarah Connors showed us one in bootcamp:

compared to something like this one:

I'm sure there is plenty of discussion on here and will search but thought I would ask quickly.


  • The smooth foam rollers are more versatile as you can do core exercises on them. I can inflict sufficient punishment on my tight muscles with a hard roller, golf ball, tennis ball and spikey ball. Not used a grid roller so can't comment on their effectiveness.
  • I have both types. I use the trigger point roller more as it has a rigid core and is firmer to roll on. The grids are subtle and I don't think they really offer any benefit.

    It is comfy enough to use for core work too.


  • I have a trigger point roller too - my reason for buying it was that it should last indefinitely due to the rigid tubular core whereas the standard rollers start to give. I use standard ones at my pilates class and they become misshapen fairly quickly. I haven't had any problems using my roller for core exercises although admittedly they have been fairly limited to date. I also don't think the grid pattern makes any difference to their effectiveness either.

  • I've only got the smooth foam roller but it means that I can do core work with it too - I got my boyfriend the lonsdale (larger one) for christmas and it's really good quality. I'm looking into getting a trigger point one too but foam rollers definitely have helped with recovery after workout

  • I have both. Like andrews148 I like the firmer trigger point one but don't find I can feel the texture. 

    I travel a lot and the main reason for buying the trigger point one was the fact it's hollow so can be stuffed with socks etc and packed in a case without taking much room. I also have a stick with handles which fits in a small bag, and which I find best for itb.

  • Thanks everyone for the advice and reviews. I've ordered a trigger point roller so hopefully it will be here soon.

    I'll report back how I find it.

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