I recently had a knee operation and have been told I can get back to running. I never had a knee problem before. This, though, is what the surgeon found...

The patella-femoral joint: grade 2 and 3 arthritis (4 being the worst)

Meniscus: small post horn tear and grade 3 arthritis

Everything else: normal

He smoothed off the tear and flushed away all debris. Whilst I was laid off (prior to and after the operation), I put quite a bit of weight on. Questions...

(A) In an effort to keep as much stress of my knee as possible, do I attempt to lose all my weight before I start running again, or should I just start training again but just make sure I'm also dieting?

(B) I'm told hill reps aren't good for an arthritic knee. Is there a knack of hill repping that takes pressure off the knee? Alternatively, are there any exercises I can do that replicates hill repping but doesn't involve the knee to the same extent?

(C) Any other advice about training/racing/coping with this problem, please feel free to let me know. Thanks.

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