Mutual Support and Encouragement for fellow Newbies

Welcome to all my fellow newbies who have decided to shake off the cobwebs and have a go at this running marlarkey. 

This thread is intended to offer motivation and support, and to satisfy my curiosity regarding how other people cope with the highs (apparently, they do exist) and lows of pushing our bodies to ridiculous lengths in the name of health. 

I am a middle aged mother of 1 teenage boy, overweight, and unfit. My only exercise is walking my 3 big dogs 5 days a week. Other times, I am very happy sitting down. And if its in the evening, preferably with a glass of Red. And perhaps some twiglets. 

My husband and son, for a joke, bought me "The Ultimate Guide To Marathon Running" publication for Christmas. I have decided to take it seriously. 

Worryingly, I have already entered a 5k Obstacle Run at the end of March, and a 10k run at the beginning of May. 

Training starts Monday............




  • Good luck with that, I'm starting again with my running from next Monday, still got too much sweets and stuff to start this side of new year. My biggest problem is the motivation, perhaps I should be like you and sign up for a race or something and have a target to force myself to keep going.
  • Good for you Peter!

    Yes, I knew without a goal I would be highly likely to drift away once the novelty had worn off.

    Do you have anything near you in a couple of months you could start with? 

  • Twiglets: YUM. Good luck!

  • Not sure Caroline, I'm off to have a look, although I've signed up for jantastic, put down for 5 runs a week so that hopefully will see me through Jan, Feb and March.
  • thanks! and Peter, I've signed up too image

  • That's good, are you in a team or as an individual Caroline? maybe we'll all have to post our times/runs etc on here so we can compare/commiserate as appropriate.

  • Good idea! I'm an individual. 
    Off for my first run shortly......!

  • I'm part of a team. Hope you have a good run.
  • Getting out there first time is the hardest step-how did it go?

  • Ist run = done! 

  • Well done, how'd it go?
  • It went really well thanks Peter image Used the C25K App on my phone, and made sure I jogged SLOWLY!! On the 3rd run, I felt a burning in my left knee, but it didn't last. Hoping that was quite normal....??! 

  • You will probably get odd aches and pains as you run. As long as the are transient, they are just par for the course, if they are bad anough to make you limp STOP!- if you start to run in an uneven fashion to compensate for various sore bits, you'll hurt yourself.

    Are you just running in ordinary trainers? If so, think about getting to a good running shop, and getting them to find an appropriate type of shoe for you. It will be worth it if it saves you suffering from multiple niggles- they will want to look at your fett, and may even want you to jog on a treadmill, or around the shop, so they can see what is best for you- don't be embarassed, any decent running shop is full of newbies at this time of year- take appropriate socks, and your old trainers so they can see the wear pattern.

    When's the next one then?- is is 3 perweek?

  • That's good, I'm sure you'll get a few little niggles to start as your muscles get used to the change in exercise routine.
  • thank you image Yes I've just run in trainers (which have only been worn a handful of times)
    It's odd - my left knee has a little puffy vein (I think, its not blue) right over the knee cap. Thats exactly where the sensation was. 

    I will get footwear sorted, but may also see a sports physio. 
    I was born with dislocated hips and a club foot and wasn't expected to ever walk. I'm totally fine though, although i do have a bit of a leaning forward walk. I used to have horses but gave up riding due in part to constantly getting bad backs. Probably my position in the saddle, again, tipping forward. 

    I REALLY REALLY hope I am able to run!!!!

  • ...sorry tricialitt, yes its 3 times a week.


  • I hope you're able to keep it up, I quite believe you'll manage, especially with all you've already overcome. Can't offer any suggestions on your knee though.
  • Thank you Peterimage

  • Hi Caroline, I am like you, middle aged, and middle heavy staring out running again.

    So if you want to keep in touch, to mentor and encourage each other then feel free.

    Good luck with your training, I keep putting it off because of the awful weather. Poor excuse I know.
  • Hi Guys (and gals!) can I join your thread? I'm not strictly a newbie but someone who lost their mojo over the autumn/winter. I've done 4 marathons in total and about eight half marathons. At the moment I've just been doing my local parkrun but not run during the week. I've got a place in the Stevenage Half Marathon which was deferred from last year. I'm also going to enter the ballot for the Great North Run when it opens in January.

    I've got about half a stone to lose - too many mince pies, choccies, crisps and definitely vino over the Xmas period. I've also signed up for Jantastic - three runs a week so will see how that goes. I'm not fast and at the moment am happy if I finish the 5k parkrun in under 30 minutes - it's got a vicious hill in it.

    Looking forward to hearing from you. image
  • Hi all,

    I'm not a newbie either really - was exactly where you were this time last year Caroline! I've run regularly through the year so should be really pleased, but as the year wore on life took over and I missed weeks. But I did manage a 10k on 1 April from being on c25k at the start of Jan, so Caroline, your plans are very achievable!

    This year I am determined to make it a habit, so feel I need that beginner support - would love to join your thread?

    Trigger - so jealous of your running achievements! I am thinking of entering the GNR ballot too! And a parkrun habit would make me very happy ... Saturday mornings are my achilles heel though image


  • Hi there Trigger and Rivergirl, I'm sure you'll be more than welcome to join in,
  • Hi newbies, I am a middle aged overweight mother ex-slow jogger who plodded round a half marathon ten years ago (done very little since) and I think it's about time for another one with maybe an improvement on my old time. I got my gait analysed yesterday and have some lovely new trainers (blue, lovely) and am thinking about the Barns Green half marathon in september. My mum was first local woman home in the first ever Barns Green half, her name is still there on the website, I am very proud. I am the same age as she was then now so it's a fantastic goal for me.

    I too look forward to giving and recieving some much needed moral support.

  • Hi there Kate.

  • Welcome everyone! Its so wonderful to hear your stories image 
    I too went and got checked out yesterday and am the proud owner of my first pair of proper running shoes. 

    While I was out, I also popped into WHSmith and bought the Mo Farah autobiography! 

    The weather is pretty rubbish here today (Watford, Herts), but Ive had my porridge and am hoping to get out in between downpours during my 1 - 3 hour optimum window...

    We Can Do It!!

  • Go Caroline, there'll be no stopping you now, you will notice a difference with proper shoes.  The weather's not great wherever you are today, it's dry here in Aberdeen at the moment but I'm not holding out much hope that it's going to last, hope it stays off long enough for your run.

  • thanks Peter! 
    I gave up waiting for a break in the downpour and just did it image All logged via my gps nike watch- 3 k walk/run. 
    No pain in knee today, so pleased! 
    So Peter, just a couple of days before your run image

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