One are core/ strength work

in July I badly shattered my elbow in a mountain biking accident. 8 weeks afer surgery to rebuild the joint I started running to get my fitness back and to help me come to terms with the accident.

I have been left with a arm that I cannot weight bare with (I can just about pick a cup of tea up) and havea limited range of movment that can only be done extreamly slowly . I am under going physio and awaiting another operation which should hopefully improve things. In the mean time I'm searching for core and general strengthening exersises I can do with one arm. my left shoulder is also very wasted due to lack of use and I would like to get some strength back into it. I cant lift the arm over my head as it hurts the elbow.

Has anyone got any Ideas??


  • Wouldn't your physio be the person to ask?  

    I'm sure he/she could advise you and have a better idea of your current capabilities and limitations.

  • Physio very good with the are, and is happy for me to run. but when it comes to entire body plan not so good. as specilist in upper limb re hab at the hospital and not use to people who do a high volume of exercise. Even with next op arm will be greatly restricted (disabled basicly) permantly, just less pain.

    I was hoping there was someone out there who had been or is in the same position as me. Who has one or one and a bit functioning arms who might have advice

    Can do sit ups, lunges, and have adapted reverse plank. I have also adapted a lot of the lower leg strenghening exersise so i can do them lay down. I was a ultra endurance cyclist before the accident so have plenty of muscle memory and hard work outs don't scare me image

    Do not have the income to pay for a physio (£42/hr) as been reduced to part time hours due to in-ability to use arm (doesnt matter the rest of me works just fine!)

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