Running Migraines- Finally found a solution for my own!

I've suffered from post-run migraines pretty much since I started running 15 years ago, running from my left shoulder blade up my neck and over my left eye. 

I've tried (and revisited repeatedly) all the usual remedies/reasons: low blood sugar, dehydration, lack of carbs, overheating, excertional headache, taking over the counter migraine tablets before or just after a run, poor posture, my weird running gait. 

Out of frustration one day when I had one of these, I was stretching my neck/back. I'd managed to get a 'crack' in my mid back and the pain dissipated. I've been experimenting ,mostly with limited success over a year or so. However, I've tried to use a couple of yoga moves this week and, touch wood, I've done it twice and been migraine free twice. No pills. No hot water bottles. Unheard of for me!

Post run, I've started off stretching my hips and hamstrings a few different ways.  I then lay on my back into 'table top' and rocked left and right on my hips. I find this really sore as I'm tender. I stretched my shoulders/ arms in front and behind of me. Then I did the 'cobra' stretch a few times. I seem to need the combination of the mid-back and sacral stretching. 

Its obviously not a panacea, and drives the dog nuts,  but if someone else has tried everything and is otherwise fit, it might help them. 

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