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I cannot tell you how much this pleases me .... Daffs, you are going to have such fun!!!

Kaz, enjoy this one  image

Very special mention also to our close second Bam86 looking for the 4.45 mark



  • Yay for our very own Daffy image I shall be watching this with interest and may even start to up my training in support image

  • Yay for Daffs image

  • Hurrah and well done!  I have eaten your Christmas present in celebration.

  • Well done Daffs, good luck.
  • Sister of Daffs wrote (see)

    Hurrah and well done!  I have eaten your Christmas present in celebration.

    Lol!!    Be afraid Sister of Daffs   image

  • Hooray!!!!!!! imageimageimageimageimageimageimage

    (and also eeeeek!)

    Thank you SOOOooo much lovely adjudicators and organisers and everyone else for being supportive and lovely imageimageimageimage

    I am SO very excited image

    although slightly alarmed - 'enjoy this one' sounds rather like a threat Meldy... image

    Kaz, how lovely to meet you image I'm afraid I know absolutely nothing at all about you image but I am very much looking forward to finding out image

    And Bam86 - pull up a chair and grab a cuppa, I very much hope you're going to be in this with me too!

    Goodness me, I don't know what to say (possibly a first) image

    Rather appropriately, I've just come in from a 4 mile run and am all hot and sweaty so perhaps I'll shut up and have a shower instead...

  • M...eldy wrote (see)
    Sister of Daffs wrote (see)

    Hurrah and well done!  I have eaten your Christmas present in celebration.

    Lol!!    Be afraid Sister of Daffs   image

    image Cheeky monkey! In that case I might open and eat yours too image

    I'm not sure who's more scary - you or Meldy!! image

  • Kaz .. I have 'known' this one for almost 10 years now I think so if you need any inside information then you know where to come  image

  • Kaz - don't listen to a word she tells you!

    (unless it's good, then you can listen image )

  • Hi Daffs, very pleased to meet you image

    Hopefully this will be a fun ride between now and your target marathon.  As Melds knows, I'm more than a little nervous about all of this but hopefully we'll get into the swing of things pronto image

  • I am sure this will be a very busy and happy thread ... image

  • Well there's a first - I went to look for your original pitch and hit on the right pages straight away. I'll have a re-read to remind myself what your experience is and where we're at.

    Anyway, guess a bit about me might be a good start, especially as I rarely post on the forum nowadays so you're unlikely to spot me around and about the threads (not like the old days when I was a prolific poster!). 

    I ran my first marathon in 2001 and, 12 years on, joined the 100 Marathon Club on Good Friday this year.  As well as finishing the year on 125 marathons/ultras I've lowered my marathon PB twice this year - firstly at Brighton and then at Kent Road Runner.  I ran the Brathay 10in10 for the second time this year and next year hope to become only the second lady to have run it three times.

    A few years back I went through a bit of an off phase when I struggled with injury and my times suffered as a consequence.  Part of getting out of that was being picked as the Forum Sub 5 mentee with XB as my mentor so hopefully this is my chance to "pay something back".

    Now I may be an experienced marathon runner but I rarely do things the conventional way and my training methods are somewhat strange and occasionally erratic.  Not sure why Melds thinks I'll make a good mentor but I'll help you as much as I can!

  • brilliant team here.looking forward to reading the threadimage

  • Oooh, Daffs, well done. Kaz is lovely, supportive and will be a fantastic mentor.



  • image

    Please don't be nervous, I'm not remotely scary and despite what Meldy (and my sister) might say, I generally do as I'm told! image

    Ah, you had the lovely XB as a mentor? How very lucky - he's ace image I saw him just a few weeks ago in fact!

    And you did that 10in10 thing? How very impressive! Gosh, such a lot of experience. I don't know why you're worrying at all!

    Should I be concerned about your 'somewhat strange and occasionally erratic' training methods?? image I confess they sound quite fun image

    So - what needs to happen now?? Do you want a fully formed training plan for the next 9 months on your desk in the morning? (cos you might not get it...)

  • Just had a look at the calendar to see if I can do Chester too but it's the same day as Lisbon so sadly I won't be able to run with you that day.  We'll have to see if we can find another race for a get together!

    I need to get on with making medals for my Bells & Whistles race but I'll be back later image

  • XB is indeed very lovely.  He's also my 'twinnie' so that makes him extra special image

    Not sure how we work this but we'll get there!  Guess an idea of what your training routine is, what kind of help you think you need and what you expect/hope from this - other than getting the sub-5 of course!!

  • Well done Daffs, a lively thread already, should be fun yo follow

  • 'Now I may be an experienced marathon runner but I rarely do things the conventional way and my training methods are somewhat strange and occasionally erratic. '

    Match made in heaven I would say !!

  • And Bam86 hopefully we'll see you on the thread too.  Let's see if we can get a double whammy image

    Now I really must get on with my medals!!

  • M...eldy wrote (see)

    'Now I may be an experienced marathon runner but I rarely do things the conventional way and my training methods are somewhat strange and occasionally erratic. '

    Match made in heaven I would say !!


    Exactly what I thought Meldy!!!

    So excited for you Daffs, i'll be popping in here to see how things go (and get some free advice on the back of it)

    woohoo Daffs

    and good luck Kaz

  • Ah, in fact there you are XB! image

    And thanks to the rest of you lovely supportive lot image I feel all warm and fuzzy (although that might be because I finally had a shower...)

    Just popped back to copy my original pitch over in case anyone wanders in and wonders what the heck is going on...

  • Dr Daffs wrote (see)

    Ok, I’m going to wade in with my pitch too...

     I’m daffs, and I’m going to knock two whole hours off my marathon time image

     A bit about me

    I’m female, 33 years old, and live with Mr Daffs on top of a hill in a northern city. I’ve been hanging round these forums for nearly 10 years, although I rarely venture much beyond the beginners section. I’ve made many lovely pals here.

     My running history

    I’ve been a perpetual beginner/chronic underachiever for years. I’ve come last in the Liverpool half, the Sheffield half, the Over the Edge half, Stratford triathlon, the Leeds Abbey Dash 10k, and the 2012 Chester marathon.

    Well, someone’s got to be last – but it’s damn well not going to be me any more.

    In January 2013 I did a 10k in 1.21 – a 24 minute PB (no, that’s not a typo). In May I did another, pushing as hard as I could - and finished in 1.09.

    In October I started wondering just how fast I could go if I actually trained... I ran three times a week for five weeks and in November did another 10k in 1.01 – an 8 minute PB. That’s 44 minutes off my first one.

    Maybe there’s something in this training malarkey after all... image

    Since then I’ve run 3 times every week, as well as a spin class, a swim, and an hour of pilates. I’m fitter than I’ve ever been, lighter than I’ve been for years, and I love it.


    • 5k – 30.22 (as of yesterday’s parkrun! image ) This is down from 33.21 this time last year, and 37.17 the year before.
    • 10k – 1.01
    • Half marathon – 3.04 (apparently it's not the done thing to pop to the shops during the race)
    • Marathon – 6.54.30 (and no, that’s not a typo either)


    I’ve entered Chester (5th October) – Meldy said it would be ok to have one that late, but I’m willing to do an earlier one too if necessary!

    I’m planning to knock 2 hours off so have put my expected finish time as 4.54.30 image

    I’ll also be doing the Liverpool half on 23rd March, and Stratford triathlon on 11th May, and probably a few 10ks too.


    I may look all sweet and innocent but I’m fiercely stubborn when I want to be, and will do the race with a smile on my face even if there’s no chance of beating my time goal.

    However, I have a healthy dollop of self-preservation and will have never been known to train through illness or injury (far more likely to be the opposite...)

    I’ll post on the forum come rain or shine.

    I’m always willing to travel to races, and it would be lovely to do a race or two with some of the rest of you, even if I don’t make the final six.


    Apparently I have an attitude of ‘this thing I’m doing right now is the best thing ever and I only want to do this ALL THE TIME’. Which is great – until the next thing comes along. Right now, running is the best thing. Having a mentor would help me make sure that running stays as the best thing.

    I can type pretty fast so you may get bored of hearing from me...


    Very few. I work four days a week (two in another city with a long train comm

  • Blithering formatting...


    Very few. I work four days a week (two in another city with a long train commute, two at home). I have no kids, no dog, no elderly parents, and a very supportive partner, who doesn’t run but who will drop everything to ferry me to races and wash my socks afterwards. So ba

    Dr Daffs wrote (see)

    Oops, I went on for so long I got cut off! image Bit like all my races really... image

    Anyway, I was saying...

    ...basically, I have no excuses at all...


    I’d love to be chosen. The last three months has shown me just how far below my potential I am, and how much room for improvement there is. I’m brimming with enthusiasm right now and I’d love to have someone to hold my hand as I work my way forwards from the back of the pack. 



  • Kaz, you're *making medals*??? Wow, my sister will love you!! (She dragged me round the last marathon muttering 'shiny medal, not giving up now, need a shiny medal' under her breath - if you could have just made us one it would have been a lot easier!!)

    So, some more things about me...

    Current training

    It's not what you'd call a 'routine'... image I've only been training 'properly' since the start of October. Each week I do:

    • short run before work (2 miles ish, generally grumpy and unpleasant)
    • parkrun (or another 3 mile run if I can't)
    • long run - usually 4-6 miles
    • spin class (45 mins/1 hour)
    • swim (er, I'm up to a whole 10 lengths now! image )
    • pilates (at home, 30 mins from video/book)

    So only 8-10 miles a week (but already that's more in a month than I did for the last marathon so we're off to a flying start!!). I've joined the gym so sometimes do shorter run on the treadmill in the evening - quite enjoy seeing the little numbers going round...

    I'm pretty slow... My 4 miles this morning took me 51 mins... I do most of my running at the min with HRM, trying to stay under 75% for the time being.

    What I'm hoping for...

    Someone to waffle at who isn't allowed to get (publicly) bored of me image

    Just a few pointers here and there and some enthusiasm (and the occasional kick up the backside) is all I'm hoping for - anything else is a bonus! image

    Shame you can't do Chester, but I'm considering an earlier one too anyway - open to suggestion!

    First question...

    So far it's all been about building routine - getting out of the door 3 times a week and starting a bit of swimming and cycling again. I need to start going faster and longer - which first?? Do I just keep adding miles onto the long run, or keep that the same while concentrating on speedy things? Or both??

  • Have managed to be mostly totally unproductive with the medals so far!  Oh I know all about running races for the bling image.  I'm holding a race weekend at the end of March as part of my fundraising for next year's 10in10 and being a bit of a craftie (and a glutton for punishment) I decided to make the 'medals' and trophies.  Started out as being a way of keeping the costs down, and being a bit different, and has got a little out of control!

    There's so many races out there - it really depends on what kind of race you like, whereabouts you want to race but I'm sure we can find you something earlier than October if you fancy it.  Suspect it would be too early for you but you'd be more than welcome at my Bells & Whistles races!

    Well it sounds like you've made a good start - gives us a base to work from image and routine will be what gets you out there on days when you really don't feel like it.  My gut feeling is to do both - extend that long run a little each week and use your park run as a tempo/speed session.  If you're getting on ok with that, and you can fit another session in, then we could look at you doing a speed/fartlek session too. 

  • Congratulations Daff!

    Kaz - I want to hear about these unorthodox methods.

  • Kaz, Daffs was supporting at Brathay the year I was there I think!

  • Congrats Daffs image

    From tomorrow I really must get into my routine. Getting in at 3am this morning meant I didn't get up for my long run and went shopping instead....does 4 hours in heels around Brighton count at all?!
  • I was indeed Meldy! image

    *waves to marrows* congratulations to you too!

    I'm intrigued at what you're making medals out of - are you doing proper metal work and everything?? Or are they wood? I've just tried to defrost some home made bread in the microwave and it's gone harder than stone - you could make them out of that image

    I'm rather a fan of an overly-ambitious craft project myself - in fact I've just given Mr Daffs a fabulous velvet and patchwork robe I started for Christmas 2009...

    Suspect March is a little early for my marathon... image might be persuaded to pop down for the 10k, although it's rather a hike and I'm doing the Liverpool half the week before so we'll see!

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