Reading Half - When does it fill up?

Hi all, 

I have my eye on the Reading Half but was hoping not to have to stump up the money until later in the month (darn expensive Christmas).

Anyone got any ideas about whether it gets filled up early? It'd be my first half so am keen not to miss it, but still really broke.



  • rivergirl,


    Not done reading in years so this might be conpleately different but unless it's changed a lot it will fill up quicker rather than later. You might be ok til next pay day but if your able to I'd enter now just in case. Bare in mind through that the last time I did reading Tony Blair was PM and actually looked young and was well liked. image I'm showing my age.

  • Thanks Cake! *grabs calculator and wonders whether training for half marathon while living on crunchy nut cornflakes is wise*

  • It sells out in advance every year. Hard to predict when, because the organizers seem to be expanding the field and this year it's being held a bit earlier in the year than previously.

    If you do miss there are a couple of alternatives. Firstly, hang about this forum because as the big day approaches there are always people seeking to offload a place they don't want. Secondly, the following Sunday sees the inaugural Surrey Half Marathon, which appears to be aiming to be comparable in size and atmosphere to Reading and is only a short train ride away in Guildford.

  • The new Surrey half is definitely worth considering. And Fleet and Wokingham still have a few places.  Fleet's max is 2500 so keep an eye on the numbers, they're around 2350 at the moment.  Wokingham had 750 places left on Xmas Eve.  You could also consider the Brooklands half at the end of March though it's an early start on the day the clocks go forward and is expensive. Oh and Bracknell is at the end of April.

    Another race to consider is the Salisbury 10 miler which is cheap and fabulous and you can enter on the day (9th March).

  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    Wokingham is a good race and great value.

    Salisbury is also good for a 10 miler although the overall standard is very high compared to many of the bigger races.
  • I didn't mention Wokingham because it's held earlier still, in February, and also sells out early. The OP wanted to delay payment until as late as possible.

    Bracknell is also a good call ... and it sells out early too!

    I'm in for the Reading this year for the first time in ages. It usually coincides with other races that I like better (like the Water of Life Half, top event, on 23 March this year) but this time round it doesn't clash with anything so I thought why not.

    One thing about living in the Thames Valley area is we're not short of choice for quality races. Especially in March!

  • wokingham is full i signed up six months ago you really do have to plan ahead i am booked uo every month for a year except for june and july any suggestions .happy new year

  • Hoping to do Reading too but can't afford to register until this month's pay day. Fingers crossed it doesn't sell out.

  • Roben hope you make reading i have booked a place also doing Wokingham hope its not too cold. i am preparing for the LIMERSOL MARATHON  just come in from 16mile run slow but enjoyed perfect conditions Farewell

  • Thanks very much everyone - advice much appreciated. Been away for NY so haven't checked in until today. I am going to risk it and wait and keep the Surrey HM as a back up as it would actually be slightly easier for me to get to!

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