Sore calfs / ache in lower left leg / weak leg / beginner runner

I'm looking for a little advice being a newbie runner.

I have been trying to get fit after a long illness and joined a gym about 18 months ago. I regularly walked 3.5km on the treadmill but decided April this year that I was fit enough to run a little. I could manage about 5min.

Everything went well for a few weeks but then I started getting pains in my left leg during the run - a shooting pain up the front of my shin which would subside when I stopped but I would spend the rest of the day with my left leg feeling weak and the back of my lower left leg aching / feeling like I had trapped a nerve. I can't quite describe it.

I don't seem to get this all the time.

Today I decided to try running again for the first time in 2 months. I want to try and complete the C25K plan. I went to a professional running shop and got fitted for running shoes And the confirmed I had a pronation in my left foot. I got trainers to help with that..

So I headed back to the gym with my new trainers and all was going well with day 1 of the programme and the pain started about 20min into it. It was a 30min prog of walking with 8min of running in total.

I finished the programme about 3hours ago now. My right leg is super ok whilst the back of my left leg aches and feels weak.

I don't think it is shin splints ? Perhaps it is just my muscles working and perhaps with time now that I have the right running shoes it will stop. I am meant to be trying day 2 of prog in 2 days.

I'm the right weight for my height and just want to get fit.

Thanks if you have got this far - any suggestions welcome.


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