Tuesday 31st December

here you go way to fast

What 8ish slow
Why slowing down

I never really got on with the HRM LMH so have resorted to going by mile splits which sort of works hence today's 8.32 miles @ 7:51 mpm average.

Have a good New year everybody.


  • Postie - it doesn't work as you still run too fast too often.

    What: 10.4 miles @ wait for it ..........8.25 pace

    Bike later

    Why: Ending my year as I started the last one. Sport is life, life is sport.

    Last hard: Sunday

    Last rest: Monday 30th December

    Lyrics: I think I do, I was at college when this was out.
  • Morning.

    postie - did you not get on with it because you didn't like the numbers? image

    Just music in the turbo dungeon for me.

    What's next for you race wise Blisters?

    What:                  easy swim
    Why:                   not 100%
    Last hard:           22/12
    Last rest:            28/12

    Lyrics - no.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • emzapemzap ✭✭✭

    Morning all

    What: 5 km race, but will fit 4 more miles in as well hopefully
    Why: make it up to a round 800 for the year
    Last hard: I think this 5 km may be tough
    Last rest: yesterday, though I did run through the airport with 2 big suitcases...
    Lyrics: nope

    Have a good New Year's Eve everyone.

  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭

    Morning all

    45 mins (5.86m), nice run just before the rain hit....

    Here is my year...

    It's been good, no injuries so that's a bonus, but have had plenty of falls and tumbles along the way.

    Mileage has been best ever with an increase of 139 miles of my previous best of 2254 to 2393 miles.... yes just 7 shy of an average of 200 miles a month. Am I sad to go out and do that extra 7m....... (don't answer that question) but no I am not as have a double parkrun tomorrow and a training plan to follow......

    25 Races from 1m to Marathon

    46 Parkruns

    And 1 PB, the one I wanted and that was the marathon at VLM earlier this year with 3:12:55 (a PB by 51 secs), but still proves there is life in the old dog yet.

    Also had a very good run at Lordshill 10m to register my 2nd fasted time over 10m

    Plus the other big highlight of the year was getting 3rd Mixed team at Thunder Run.

    So indeed it had been a good year according to the world of RFJ....

    But what for 2014..........

    Aims (running)

    To beat the train at "Race the Train" in August a 14m off road race, this will be my 3rd attempt.

    Planning on 4 marathons at present and that may increase as I want to do some more off road / trail events to enjoy the running

    To continue to be injury free if possible....image

    Take care and Happy New Year.....

  • RFJ, I love Race the Train, it's more of a long party with some running than a normal event, but a race it most certainly is. I reckon that you need to be capable of a 1:25 half marathon, yet also be marathon fit. At least 20 mile race fit. I've been twice and beat it once, DNS (injured) once.

    Must start to think seriously about my own race plans for 2014. I have none.


  • RFJ - good luck with those aims and well done on your 2013 stats - impressive.

    Lyrics - YES!!!  postie - the lyrics even helped me on my reps today!

    Good luck on the 5K emzap.

    While doing all my 'minute on, minute off' stuff I have been conscious that I needed to increase the length of my reps and what better time to do it than the last day of the year! ha!  So today, I did 8 x 2mins30s fast with 2 mins recovery.  It went very well and very consistently as i was determined to run around 6min/mile pace for my reps, which I did.  In the first 6 reps I covered 0.42 miles and then in the last two, I covered 0.43 miles.  Used the garmin to keep it steady throughout, especially on the uphill reps.

    My year:  I'm delighted with 2013 in a running sense.  I've ran for the whole year for the first time since 2005 (I think) and managed to plod my way around 1936 miles.

    The low point was my marathon in May which, you may remember, utterly destroyed me and I'll never do another one.  I'll leave the marathon distance having completed 3 and a pb of 2:57:45 isn't too bad. That was in 2005 and in the words of Haim, those days are gone.

    Highs for the year include my 1:28 half marathon in May, my 20 mile race in under 2:20 and a recent parkrun in 19:09.  My ultimate high point has been my return to XC racing - halfway through the season and I'm loving it - it's racing in it's purest form - there is no rest from start to finish - there is always someone trying to get past you or you are always trying to pass the man in front.  I love it!

    Goals for 2014 - I have my target set on a half marathon in sub 1:25 and I want to get my 10K down to about 38 mins if I can.  With me, it's all dependent on weight - I know what I have to do but it's easier said than done!

    All the best for 2014 everyone - have a blast tonight image

  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭

    afternoon all, 
    Haven't really thought about goals and aims for 2014. Looking back 2013 didn't have a stand out race, although Giants Head marathon was an experience. Also 11 injury months was a blessing. Pleased to have done most of the xc races, the nationals at Sunderland, in snow, the highlight (even if the time wasn't).

    what - club relays , 4x2k, mixed teams, arranged randomly with mixed ages from U9s to the 70+ vets. My team came 7th or 8th so an improvement on last year's next to last. Eagerly awaiting the splits to see if I held off #2 to retain the 'fastest in family' crown.
    why - its what I do.
    last rest - 25th
    last hard - was puffing over the last 500m today

    lyric - yes I do. 
    Yesterday's were Pharrell Williams, "Happy" - I'm sure that those that didn't get it have heard it.

    Have a super evening and see you in 2014!

  • Guilty as charged Gobi. After a week of silliness I am hoping to see January through with either 8 or 10 mile commutes at 8+ mpm with Monday and Saturday off and LSR's on Sundays.

    LMH I kept on getting figures over 200 or under 70 so something wasn't working right.

    Highlights for 2013 include PB's in all four races and defending my Santa Dash title.

    Aims for 2014 are sub 1:20 HM and closing the gap towards 2:45 in FM.

    Hope you all have a pleasant evening as I'm now off to the panto. 

  • Afternoon!

    Lyrics: I probably do...so that's a no.

    What: rest day, or rather I put on my kit, ran for a couple of minutes and then decided in favour of rest.
    Why: very tired, legs rather jelly like. No bed until about 2 after the wedding reception: obviously too old for late nights/dancing/climbing up the stone spiral staircase too often to the 6th floor turret room to replenish my glass!

    Re 2013, very pleased to be running post Achilles op and prostate treatment, with the emphasis on "very". The treatment has, of course,  put lots of other things into perspective! Also pleased to have lost over a stone.

    2014: new age group, so must pin on a number more frequently. Train consistently, remain injury free and above all enjoy our chosen sport.

    Think positive thoughts, banish negative ideas and visualize your success
  • It's lovely to see everyone's summaries of 2013 and thoughts on 2014 image

    My year was a mixed bag. 5 mins off my marathon and half marathon times was great. Being injured and unable to run was clearly shite. But I was referred to a brilliant doc (my hero of 2013) and now I'm hitting slightly faster paces than at the same time last year image. And I bagged well over 2000 miles too.

    110 days till Boston!! Whilst I'm happy to toe the start line I'm secretly hoping to take another 5 mins off my marathon PB and go sub 3:20. I'm committed and enthusiastic enough and if my body plays ball anything is possible.

    All the best for 2014. May it be fast and injury free image

    What: 10.25 miles

    Why: I am running, running is me

    Last hard: Friday

    Last rest: 16/12

    Lyrics: no
  • OK OK OK

    Got a nice 2.8k swim in yesterday followed by 8 miles with  bit of pace on the TM

    Today was a full house but in odd order. 2.1k swim, 6 mile breezy run and a serious one hour session on the Turbo with 10 x 3min fast.

    As with Blisters a bucket was required!!. Now I have mentioned this before but on the subject of power, since switching to the Shiv on the turbo trainer by power levels have increased. Must be the improved set-up or the smoother action? I'm also using a Tacx Flow.

    Blisters - tell me about your saddle. I have one on trial (a TT saddle). It does feel more comfortable - Although it doesn't look like it:


    I'm tempted!!

    Ale:- I hope 2014 is better for you!!


    Plan is simple = Assault Tri scene with some good category wins!!!

    Distance will hopefully go to HIM.

    To make it work though I have to "man up" and give as good s I get in the washing machine!!


  • What: 1hr 20 on cross trainer. Also a 30 sec jog to try out my calf. All seemed ok!

    Plan will be to take tomorrow off as a rest day and then start to run again on the day after.

    2013 Kicked my ass running wise as well as life wise! 2014 best be better, not sure it could be harder/worse!

    sports goals

    1.) sub 2 hr (maybe sub 1.55) HM in March

    2.) Train in a wise and consistently consistent manner

    3.) stay injury free!

    I graduate from University soon (fingers cross I pass finals, results on the 15th!) and have a 3 month work elective in Cape Town starting in April. Post that

    4.) join a Tri Club + buy a good bike with my first pay!! woohoo!


    Have a great New Year everyone!

  • emzapemzap ✭✭✭

    Well a good race to end the year here.  23:59 for my 5km, just 9 seconds off my pb and 3rd in age group.  That included dropping my keys in the last km and having to stop and pick them up, and a congested end, that I couldn't do my normal sprint for the last 200 m.

    Bit of a nightmare getting there, as the car wouldn't start after being unused for 3 weeks :S.  Got to the race and the nearest parking spot was 1 km away.  Had 15 mins to the start, so doffed extra clothing and ran to the number collection.  Got number and to the start with 2 mins to the gun. Phew.  Felt quite flustered but somehow didn't start off too fast, and managed to keep a consistent pace throughout.

    At the end, got my hot tea (no water available and the tea isn't real tea!) and my salami (for some reason that was the finishing prize), then went to the all important cake table and back to my car.  Then pootled off for 4 very sedate miles around the local footpaths. 

    You guys have achieved some pretty amazing things this year.  Let's hope next year is even better!

    Happy New Year image

  • emzapemzap ✭✭✭

    Ohhh Dibs, where in CT are you going to be working?

  • Evening all,

    The year summaries make good reading - Chickadee, Postie, RFJ -nice to count pb's in the year.  Others had less obvious, but perhaps more obvious things to celebrate, thinking of Alehouse's comeback.  Others just enjoying it - Donald and Dustin. 

    My year has been a bit patchy, but has ended on an up.  One first VF60 in a hill run (yeah, I was the only one in the category, but heck, I ran it!). Two good training weekends and a very enjoyable run in the Saunders Lakeland Mountain Marathon.  The autumn was a bit of a loss, but back in trainers in December, and pleased that it all seems to be coming back.

    I've been better at running than posting: got out again with my leggy blond training partner several times since I last posted, including today, for 4 miles.  She's a good influence: whenever she's on the leash she gently pushes me slightly faster than my usual jog, and I discover that I can indeed keep that pace up pretty well over the distance. 

    Aims for 2014: get to the start line of the Saunders Lakeland Mountain Marathon, Wansdale class.

    Wishing you all the best for 2014.

  • emzap- Tygerberg Hospital and groote schuur. Do you know if there is a good pool around there?

  • emzapemzap ✭✭✭

    Dibs, 1st you need to learn how to say Groote Schuur!!  I'm afraid I don't know of any pools.  They are both good public hospitals, but I was surprised by the metal detector and gun checks at the front doors...also, I wouldn't go running on my own in Cape Town.  I do know 2 good running clubs though if you are interested?

  • Gun checks at the front door? crikey! 

    Defo interested in the running clubs! thanks for the advice!

  • Evening you lot

    Had a 2pm-10pm at work yesterday, then an 8am-4pm shift today.

    Tired now.

    Happy Hogmanay to you all.

    Need to catch up.

    Wow busy today

  • 2013 summary.
    Running: started with good form and improving 20 milers. 3:25 marathon April, 3:33 October.
    Swimming: 2x per week for most of the year. Remember that this was a zero baseline 12 months prior. 1 Mile in the pool started as 43:20 January, and ended with 38:36 in December.
    Open water swimming from May to September, building up to 3.8km sans wettie mid-summer.
    Cycling: Just building up distance and consistency through to September.

    Racing: Some minor running races plus 2x triathlons.
    Half iron (although a bit short on bike) position 352/630, time 5:28. Loved it!
    Full iron distance: 13:50:54. The marathon bit was 4:43. A long day at the office, yet a great Pirate outing.

    Low points? Losing some friends from RW. Crashing off bike in November.

  • Busy day on here today.
    Still suffering effects of kamikaze fly attack on left eye while on run yesterday

    Respect to PP and Gobi putting in significant miles before I was even out of my bed!

    2013 What: 5k(PB), HM x 5 (PB), 3 x marathon, 2 x Ultra
    2013 Why: because I enjoy running and feel better for it
    2013 Hard: definitely Snowdonia

    2014 - probably Loch Katrine Marathon (March & entered), Cape Wrath running week and Snowdonia marathon (entries open tonight at midnight ...)

  • Wasn't going to join in but seems churlish not to. I should be really happy with 2013 as I achieved an awful lot - 10k PB, 2 x HM PBs, 2 x marathon PBs, first ever win (well, first woman) at a tri and qualified to represent GB at long distance tri again - but the bits that stick with me are the DNF due to the exercise induced asthma in the swim at the HIM and the puncture that cost me a podium and PB at Almere. Some people are never happy are they? Mind you - I guess that's what gets me out of the door to train.

    Happy Hogmanay to our Scottish contingent. I shall mostly be grumpy when the fireworks wake me up at midnight image

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Great read Gobi. Sounds like your 2013 was a great success for you (and crazy busy to!).

    You have founded one of my NY resolutions. Smarter rather than faster training image

    Happy 2014

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