The 2014 Marathon Thread.

Opens the door to the 2014 Marathon Thread and turns on the light, welcome everyone.image



  • Hi NP..... Here's to some good marathons come the spring.....look forward to sharing experience with you all...

  • A shinny new thread, I'm looking forward to following everyone's marathon journeys in 2014 image

  • Bit early aren't you No Pain? image

  • Here's to a great 2014 for us all! image So pleased that you have done the honours again NP. image

    No idea which route we'll take to the mast tomorrow Stewart, the last time I was there it was dark. Some of the girls are going at 11am (same time as the Hill Runners) but the Harriers group is midday. I'll be early as things to do later. 


  • Might dip my toes into this one if that's ok. Doing London.

  • Hi guys.  I'll be doing more running this year than last year's 132 miles.  Not sure about which races I'm doing however know the Hook 2.5 mile is definitely on the list along with Victory 10k.


    Good luck.  Hope the training goes well.

  • Hi all, happy new year to everyone, so what marathon is everyone doing this year? I'm doing the Edinburgh in the spring as my first ever and if that goes well i hope to do Bornemouth in the autum. No runs as of yet as i have a touch of runners knee and am on enforced rest until at least monday .

  •  Just entered for Snowdonia again image

    Happy New Year everyone

    (no running today as on call and still not got rid of cold)

  • Hi everyone

    last year was a bit rubbish as it took me all year to get over a knee injury. Seems to be holding up though so I am doing Llanelli in April and hopefully York in the autumn. Haven't managed to actually arrive at the start line of a marathon yet so here's hoping I do this year!

  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    Happy New Year all !

    Welcome back mathschick - I hope this year is a better one for youimage

    NP - what races have you got planned?


    I kicked off the new year with 1m w/up, 2 x 2.5m at marathon heart rate, then 2m cool down. 

  • I am doing Manchester in April. Only 13.5 weeks left and no longs runs done yet…. I have some catching up to do. 

    Nice start to the year Teknik. 

    Mathschick - that the hardest part - getting to the start line fit !!

    Todays run was wet, cold and muddy. ran parkrun with Lulu the Labrador and just finished bathing her. She loved it - and I am now loving my bacon sandwich !!! image  9 Miles in total including running there !!!

  • thanks teknik

    I reckon for the first one I am going to concentrate on run/walk just to make sure I don't knacker my knee again and then take it from there. Hopefully by the autumn I can run the whole thing, but I would rather complete with a run/walk than not make it at all. 

  • Slow 6 mile in the wet and wind this morning. Did do some faster running yesterday evening.
  • Fiona CFiona C ✭✭✭

    Welcome all new folks to the marathon thread. image VLM for me.

    Nice session to kick off the year Teknik.

    AGF one of our group was a black lab, the perfect running companion! 

    Ran to the mast this morning, 11.3 miles in total at a nice, sociable chatting pace. Christmas cake and Maltesers at the top, whisky for some then back down the same way (Stewart, ran up past Dossers and the zig zag path and very muddy!) The perfect morning for a run! image 


  • macemace ✭✭✭
    Stewart - nice splits for yesterday's LT

    Stuart - good 20 in the bank. And yes, my run yesterday wasn't the best thought out. image

    Stuart G - welcome, Brighton for me

    Matchstick - welcome

    Weather was diabolical again this morning and I managed to completely balls up and do 11 of a 14MLR into a fierce headwind. MP effort at MP+2mins at times and at points I was virtually at a standstill. So 2 runs so far this week and both of them rubbish.
  • So that I know the sort of 'talent' here, what marathon pbs and/or targets do people have? I will be slow!

  • paul - I have no talent at all, target is to finish in one piece! It will be slow...

  • Gym and half mile swim for me to start the year. Didn't realise it's only 13.5 weeks til marathon time!

  • SG, Paul welcome to the new thread the guys here are great

    Fiona, well done with the 11 miles today, is there still a fallen tree on the zigzag section? It was like a river up there the other week

    SM, not long until we are pounding along the Mallaig road, the weeks are flying by, nice swim and gym session

    Mathschick,welcome back

    Mace, you haven't had much luck with the runs this week, we have been very lucky with avoiding the worst of the bad weather

    AGF, great start to the year, wish I had a bacon sandwich image Nice 9 mile run today too

    Tek, nice interval session earlier 


    Started 2014 with a 14 mile MLR, first 5 on my own and then 7 with JS, great way to kick start the new year image


  • ooh, shiny new thread, lovely!

    no PB at the 10k today, so first race since last February without an ice cream to celebrate! it was a slightly not flat course, so could have been fast, but 5 pints last night, a 2am bed and strong winds for half the race meant I lost some time. 46:12, so happy, and 4th fastest...

    Good midweek MLR Stewart!

  • Happy new year everyone, lets hope its a good for us all.

    Hi Mathschick and Paul

    Tek nice start to the new year

    Fiona sounds a very sociable 11 image

    Mace great effort in the grim conditions

    AGF nice work on 9 with Lulu image

    SM nice swim, those weeks will fly by !

    Stewart great 14 for you and a good start to the new year.

    Just back from Devon so thought a new years afternoon run would be good despite the shocking weather.

    7.5 m @ 7.58 av with the the middle three at Tempo pace 7.10 6.56 6.57 which considering conditions and last nights beer was pleasing .
  • Well done everyone who went out today - its been shocking where I am. 

    Nice Tempo MG, good racing IJ and Well done Fiona/Stewart on your runs tooooo

  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭

    Welcome to the new peeps, some great running and cross training going on today.

    SM nice swimming.image

    Fiona great runningimage 

    Teknik great speedy start to the New Year, doing the Larne half and VLM this year so farimage

    AGF looks like lulu like her runimage

    IJ Nice racing well done on the 4th place.image

    MG1 nice tempoimage

    Mace sounds like you had a tough day well doneimage

    Well first race for a few months and what a great way to start the new year did the Race Over The Glens, very wet and windy came 49th and am very happy the way this went after a few months of little training, so now to build on this and add the miles and more speedimage.

  • Thought I'd stick my head around the door for this one, doing Edinburgh as my first marathon in May - I chose it because Edinburgh is my favourite place but I'm a bit worried that it'll be too flat (will I get bored?) and too hot (apparently it's been a bit of a  scorcher the last few years).  I'm particularly interested in the nutrition side of things as it's not something I'm very good at and I have quite 'delicate' guts (ahem) so if anyone has recommendations for gels etc. that are known to be gentle on the stomach I'd love to hear about them!


  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭

    Hi Laudi and welcome, not done Edinburgh but know lots that have and apart from when it was very hot everyone only has good things to say about it. As for gel's I use SIS but you need to train with them on your Medium and Long runs just to get used to them.

  • NP - Impressive race today, nice bit of climbing in there!

    Laudi - The last 3 or 4 years, Edinburgh has fallen on about the warmest day of the year! I've not ran it, but does look flat. It's a pretty bit field, so you surely won't get that bored!

    As for nutrition, I'm not the best to ask but had a bit of success on the long run yesterday sucking on some boiled sweeties. 

    MG - Great running today!

    IJ - Well done on the 10k, good time given the circumstances.

    Stewart - Great run to start the year!

    Mace - Well done on at least trying, againimage

    AGF - Nice parkrunning + the extras

    Tek - Nice MP intervals

    Fiona - That was a cracking hilly run this morning!

    Paul - Well done on the 6 miles

  • Have decided at long last to run a Marathon in 2014, at the age of 44. My last race was a half marathon in 1989!!!  Just started training towards this and will update my progress on twitter if anyone wants to follow. image

  • Hi all Happy New Yrs and well done for going out today. Doing Brighton again in April and looking for 4hrs (sub would be great) to 4.15. 10K run done and tough conditions and third run of the week with another two left.


    Good luck one and all for 2014.

  • jason djason d ✭✭✭

    Ooh, nice in here- good job with the decor, NP.

    Good to see some familiar and new faces in here tooimage

    Not sure what this year holds for me, but I seem to be doing more ultras this year. imageMain race of the first part of the year will be the Barry track 40 in March, followed 3 weeks later by the Born to Run 40 ( as a LR) and then 2 weeks later by VLM ( another LSR!). May do a 100k in May before turning back to the marathon for the autumn with Abingdon (pb attempt) and Snowdonia ( 6 days later, so NOT a pb attempt!)

    good luck everyone- let's hope 2014 is a cracker! 

  • Morning all, good running by you lot, got the go ahead from the ship's doctor to run again. managed to do 5 miles on the treadmill. Iced the knee and today its a bit sore but no real pain. Fingers crossed i can get back on track for my training program.

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