when did I start running?

Someone asked me tonight how long I had been running for. My answer was a mish mash of information.

I did my first 10k in April 2010. I didn't run before it or for 9 months after. I then did a month of running in march 2011 followed by a 10k then another in July 11. I then joined a club and went about once every three weeks but ran occasionally around it. I then started running regularly but unstructured from July 2012. I then started following a structured plan from may 2013.

Therefore if someone wanted a straight answer from me what should it be???!


  • Not sure why you feel you need a definitive answer but, "On and off since 2010" seems to cover it.

  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    It was relevant to some banter a mate and I were having. He was ribbing me that he was six years old and about that many minutes quicker over him. I raised the 'running age' card which then led to further debate.

    We know how to smash up the town on NYEimage

  • You sure do image

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