Edinburgh Marathon 2014

Kathy HKathy H ✭✭✭

Although I don't expect this thread to rival the Brighton Marathon one (!) which is already many pages long, I think that there is some value to have a space that you can post about your training experiences of a particular race.

So this is for those of us who are going to Edinburgh for the marathon this year.

Edinburgh will be my second marathon. I did Brighton last year and got the time of 4 hours, 54. So this year I am hoping for a PB .image




  • Hi Kathy. I'm doing Edinburgh this year it will be my first Marathon. Training is not going great so far. Started with a broken wrist now having trouble staying clear of colds. Hoping that something will click soon and I will feel like I can run again. image

  • Edinburgh is going to be my very first marathon as well, done 2 half marathons in the Autumn and training is going pretty well so i'm confident.  Goal is a sub 4 hour finish so that's what i'm training for image.

    Just a quick question though to people who have done it before, a very special lady friend of mine will be coming up to watch me do it.  What are the facilities like at the finish line for her and how easy is it to get around to the different sections of the race, don't want her getting bored, that's all.  And what's the best way to get back to the centre of Edinburgh after you finish the race?

  • Kathy HKathy H ✭✭✭

    Hi Kevin. When did you injure your wrist? It takes about 6 weeks to mend, doesn't it? Have you researched the exercises you can do with that injury?

    Hi Simon. I wasn't sure about getting back post-race, as well. There are nearby bus routes, but I have got a EMF bus ticket back to the city centre in case that was more convenient. Spectators can also get a ticket, I think from the start to the finish and then back to the centre. You can see the details on the website.

  • Kathy. Had the cast off about 6 weeks now so gradually getting back on track. It was a dodgy break so wasn't allowed to run or cycle for 6 weeks, it has been hard work getting that fitness back. Just got back in from a run 10mins ago and feeling happier, only ran 3.5miles but it's the best I've felt for weeks. image

  • Hiya, I'm signed up for Edinburgh too... I did the half last year but going for the whole thing this time.

    Training so far has been a bit less than it should have been but hopefully it'll settle down at work within a week or two and I'll be able to follow a program properly!


    Has anyone else got a half-marathon planned for the run-up to Edinburgh? I'll be at Alloa aiming for sub-1:50 for hopefully scraping in under 4 in Edinburgh a few weeks later.. image

  • Kathy HKathy H ✭✭✭

    Kevin, good start back, then image

    Hi Pineapple. The half must have been good if you want to do the full one.image  I found it useful to do a few races as part of my training.

    I didn't manage to do a race longer than a half though. Has any one done so and found it helpful?

  • I did have a good look through the EMF website Kathy yesterday after i posted, got the bus tickets for us both, booked into the Crowne Plaza as well and now just have to sort out the train tickets up from Grantham...expensive but should be a fantastic weekend hopefully.  

    I did 2 half marathons end of last year, the Robin Hood one and the Worksop one, haven't really looked into doing a half early this year but it's probably a good idea just to show me that my half times have improved from last years best of 1:59:27, all the longer distance runs, i'll be doing in the training regime only.

  • Hi, I'm signed up for the marathon again, did it last year but it was a bit of a blur as had stomach problemsimage though I can say there were plenty of toilets along the way, also doing the 5k the day beforeimage

  • Kathy, yes not a bad start beginning to feel like a runner again, just need to stay clear of injury.

    Pineapple, I plan to do a half in the build up somewhere possibly Sleaford as its about the closest to me in Feb/March.

    pinkbug, fingers crossed your stomach will be fine this yearimage

    Simon, have you ever done the Sleaford half?

  • Kevin, no i haven't, i was looking at that this morning and pondering doing it but i was hoping to do a warmer half marathon in April time, 4 - 6 weeks before, which is what my training program asks for.

    I was looking at the Grantham half marathon as well which i think is middle of March.

  • Kathy HKathy H ✭✭✭

    Simon, it should be a good weekend image Are you staying until the Bank Holiday Monday?

    Hi Pinkbug, I hope that this year it will be better for you. image You are brave doing the 5k the day before.

  • Yes i am Kathy, catching the train back on the Monday, think i'll be a bag of nerves on the Saturday when i come up as well.  If anyone is looking for a running buddy for the marathon and looking at a 4 hour finish, let me know as i'll be on my own so it'll be nice to have someone to help keep the nerves away pre-race and help keep the pace and push me.

  • Hi everyone.  Have signed up for this as well and it will be my first marathon after a couple of halves last year.

    Also looking for a 4 hour finish ideally but my lack of longer races makes it hard to predict.

  • I am hoping for 4 to 4.5 hrs if my training goes well. Might prove difficult as I haven't run a half for over a year, will just have to see how it goesimage


  • Another Edinburgh victim here! Also looking for a sub 4 finish and would pleased to meet up with anybody hoping to run at similar pace on the day. 

    This'll be my second marathon, although I'm thinking of attempting the Belvoir Challenge in early March, so could be the third. Belvoir is mostly cross country so more of a training experience rather than a race for me.

  • Kathy HKathy H ✭✭✭

    Hi everyone.

    It seems that most of you are going for around 4 hours time. I will be way behind image

  • Hi all, I have also entered EM 2014, it will be my second marathon (first was Berlin this past September, did 3.51), hoping to run 3.50-3.45, but let's see how the training goes!

    Good luck with training, when is everyone starting their plans?

  • Kathy HKathy H ✭✭✭

    Hi Paupau. Yes, good luck everyone with your training. image

    I am currently getting training fit before starting my training! Then the 16 week countdown starts Feb 10th. But I will probably start a week before then, so I  have a bit of leeway.

  • What sort of time are you hoping for Kathy?

  • Hello runners!

    I am also signed up for Edinburgh marathon this year. Pretty excited.

    This year I am also doing Brighton marathon( my very first marathon. Might be silly doing Edinburgh just 7 weeks after). 

    Run Garioch half.

    Great run Edinburgh( 10 mile)

    Edinburgh rock n roll half.


    I've got a question about gels. Is the gels/ sports drinks that are provided during the race enough? Or should I bring my own? 


    Thank you


  • Hi Ann, even if they are provided, make sure they are the same type you tried out in training, otherwise I would suggest to bring your own to avoid gastrointestinal issues image

  • High 5 energy gels are given out at the feed stationsimage

  • Kathy HKathy H ✭✭✭

    Kevin, I am really looking for a new PB on my second marathon! I will be very happy with 4 hours 30, but may have to do with slower. So any time less than 4 hours 54 will be OK.image

    Hi Ann. Have I got it right that Brighton this year will be your first marathon, then Edinburgh your second? Wow!

  • Kathy, not exactly slow then, I may be being a little ambitious aiming for 4-4.5hrs but only time will tell.

    Ann, sounds like a brave move, hope you enjoy both marathons.I have only entered Edinburgh to see if I like running marathons or not, definitely enjoy halves.

  • Kathy HKathy H ✭✭✭

    Kevin, I found my first marathon definitely a game of two halves image I felt fairly strong  for the first, but really slowed right down towards the end of the second. So I will work on my core strength this year.

  • Kathy, I have also decided to add some core strength.

  • Yes! i entered Brighton last April- straight after I had a good experience run at Edin rock and roll(half). I picked Brighton as it was in school holidays( I'm a teacher) so it was nice and handy to get to. I only entered Edinburgh last week. When I was booking Brighton I thought I had work commitments on the Edinburgh weekend. So when I found out I didn't I was a bit gutted Not having a place in Edinburgh.I love Edinburgh. If it was one or the other I would pick Edinburgh! However already signed up and paid money so better run both!

    Ive been researching online and it some people do doubles. I'm sure I'll learn a few lessons in Brighton. Mainly what pain and hitting a wall are!

    Hope everyone's training is going well!


  • Kathy HKathy H ✭✭✭

    Ann, you will enjoy Brighton image The crowd support was really supportive, and the route well thought out. But afterwards, I took a week off without running at all. But then you do have another six weeks to prepare. image

  • With the training program, i'm already on Week 9 of the BUPA intermediate program as i started it before Christmas so i think once i get to Week 16 and complete that, i'll go back and repeat some of the weeks until the end of May.  Completed a 15 mile run yesterday morning in 2 hours 10 minutes, that's with me walking a total of half a mile, i did cross the half marathon mark at 1 hour 52 minutes though so great time for that i think.

  • Anyone running for a charity as well, just signed up for British Heart Foundation.

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