Maidenhead Ladies Only 6K Fun Run

Anyone else (ladies only I hope!) doing this on Sunday?

Having only resumed running a short while ago I then succumbed to the dreaded flu bug which has delayed things. Hopefully this will be an enjoyable one as I am travelling from Dorset to do this.


  • What time is it at please Fiona?
  • It starts at 11 am from the Berkshire College of Agriculture in Burchetts Green.

    Hope to see you there?
  • LADIES? That rules me out, then! :-(
  • Hmm.. they might get a shock whent I turn up!
  • I have just started running and my friends are 'encouraging' me to have a go on Sunday. What does anyone else think? I have built up to 2 miles so far...
  • I can (only just) run 3 to 4 miles. I am extremely slow and if I see anything resembling a hill I walk.

    Have a go - I am sure that you will be quicker than me!
  • TractorTractor ✭✭✭
    Can men enter who usually dress in female clothing on Sundays?

    A friend of mine is asking. No honestly, a friend, not me.
  • I am sure that no one will notice a red tractor in womens clothing!
  • my first race, any tips?
  • I am not sure how many will be taking part or of what standard they will be, but the main thing to do is to go at your pace and do not be influenced by the speed of others.

    Very often people go off too quickly at the beginning and are then very tired and do not run to their best potential.

    Main thing - enjoy it!!

    I am number 17 and will probably be last.

    Hope to see you there.

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