Howdoo from Bolton

Thought id say hello and introduce meself. Currently signed up for IM Bolton in July and im one of them fellas that one day just decided to do it. Up until September last year i was a total non swimmer and hadnt been on a bike in years. I messed about about with a bit of running here and there with the farthest ive ever ran being a half marathon. I hasten to add that ive have never done a triathlon before and still havent yet.

Im still shit at swimming, getting better on the bike and ok with the running. 

Really interested in getting involved with the Pirates and so any advice on how i can 'join' so to speak would be greatly received.



  • You have to sleep with Barlos ... the rest is easy


  • Im easy, so no probs with that !


  • Dudders I take it your from bolton

    if you have not done a triathlon before get signed up for the horwich one

    it well organised and a good course

    that was my first one before I did ironman last year,

    it can't have been that Bad I am doing it again this year

  • Dudders, have a look at the DIY half distance Thread, loads of Pirates doing this and you can do as much as you are comfy with and all you pay for is the swim and maybe some sausages for after  image

  • Thanks for the advice pirates. Is there an actual process to becoming a Pirate or do you just turn up to a few events and then become one ?
  • .... you had to ask didn't you ..   image

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