Interval/Speed Training in the Winter Months.

I'm looking for inspiration based on experience from the kind folk of "Runner's World".

During the summer months, I was interval training 1-2 times a week and really enjoying it. Since the weather has turned, I haven't been confident to continue training in the park. I usually sprint around a footall/soccer pitch. Recover 1min, repeat x10.

How can I keep up this speed work in winter, currently I have a 5k route that I run really hard.


  • I prefer doing it on a treadmill.

    Not affected by weather.

    Easily repeatable.


    You could do your summer training outside in teh winter I guess ? All you need is a bit of lit pavement ?
  • Find a local track, or just do the grass reps you've been doing.

  • I go out at lunchtime whenever I can, rather that than run at night - although I can can only fit in about 40 mins of running or i'll be late back.

    Intervals should be easier to plan as technically you only need a short stretch of road (or even better a track).  Or do laps of a your immediate neighbourhood.  One guy nearby lives on a short straight cul-de-sac and just does sprints up and down it.  It's lit, and I reckon if it snowed he'd go out and grit one side of the pavement just so he can still run it!

    Probably not the most exciting, but does the job.  He is on call too so if he has to go into work in an emergency he's only ever a maximum of 200m from home!

    I always prefer a loop/longer route when doing intervals but sometimes you gotta make do.  When it snowed last March I did multiple out and backs of an old railway track/cycle path for a long slow run.  Had to run the same bit 8 times to make up the distance but it was the only bit that was safe to run on!  At least I could work out my pacing easily.

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