Pain in the knee - Help!

Having gone for a run yesterday(17 miles) I felt alright until I stopped! I then had a 'sharp' pain at the side of my right knee! After a short while it eased off and was fine this morning. However after being out this afternoon walking on it for a while it has come back. Not too bad whilst walking but if I press hard on the bone on the side of my knee, I get a sharp pain. I haven't a clue what it is!Any ideas, or suggestions as to ease it would be much appreciated. Do I just need to buy a knee support?


  • GM - you'll probably have lots of people saying it could be ITBS - and it may well be. Always see a physio if it is very painfull, but in case it is "simply" ITBS, there are lots of previous threads and good websites that give excellent advice on stretches and strengthening exercises.

    From my experiences, there are many niggling injuries that can be traced back to muscle imbalances and core instability.
    Good luck
  • Have had a similar problem myself but more to do with increasing distance running in to lage stages. Also went to a running shop to get advice and ended up buying new trainers which has helped a lot. Asics cummulus-gel neutral
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