Post-run refuel


I know all the theory says get some protein down you within 30 mins of stopping to help repair all the damage, and being a teeny bit obsessive, I try to give it a go. But what exactly is best? I know that my cooldown, stretch, shower, change, get in car, find supermarket, eat grub routine is well over half an hour, and anyway it usually ends in me buying an egg mayo sarny with about a trillion grams of fat.

I know I've heard of protein drinks, and they sound like just the job, cos I can stick them in my bag and tuck in within minutes of grinding to a halt. So, what do you recommend? The only thing I've seen in shops that vaguely fits the bill is those Slim-Fast cans. Are they the best? Or even suitable? Or should I be looking elsewhere? Bear in mind that I'm far too lazy to make my own sarnies. Self-contained, long-life and off-the-shelf for me!

I think it's obvious I don't know what I'm on about, so any help would be appreciated! :-)


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