Hi , all I'm doing my 4th marathon which is malta marathon on 23rd February.. I have ran 3 full marathons  and a half marathon  in 2013 ... With berlin,Brighton and venice being the ultimate hardest marathon all in the 4hr mark ..but I want to try to get 3hr 45min for malta marathon next month.. My training regime is always high tense, with me running the deal half marAthlon on the 9th feb.. Any tips for the 18 mile in the marathon mark when I feel weak, and get slower .. I really want get under the 4hr mark ... Catherine 


  • Hi Catherine , I'm running Malta marathon too this year, it's also my 4th marathon! I've had a knee injury though so my training has not been good. Are you going alone to Malta ?
  • Hi cara , no I'm running with my partner , but staying in sliema .. My training has been very good ... 

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