Compression Tights

Has anyone tried and tested 2XU compression tights? Or even skins?

I am recovering from IT band injury - due to weak glutes and have heard that compression tights are very supportive and can reduce muscle fatigue.

Im running the Brighton Marathon as well as the Brighton Half and Surrey Spitfire 20 and was considering buying some however with the cost I wanted to get others opinons and find out if they actually do the job?!

Ive heard that Skins are not as good as the 2XU?


  • I have both Skins and 2XU and prefer 2XU. Although I should say that my Skins are 5 or 6 years old and I suspect they have evolved since then.

    There is much debate about whether or not compression tights make a difference to your performance and recovery. I believe they do but not enough to deal with ITB issues. I believe they keep your legs feeling slightly fresher for longer.

    Plenty of discussion on here about compression tights. I had acupuncture when I suffered from ITB problems and plenty of good stretching should help. Good luck with your injury. 

  • Yeah I first got diagnosed with the ITB problems in August and finally feel like im running properly again, although my knee does still feel not quite right but not had any pain for a while which is progress.

    Ive been doing alot of strength work, stretching everyday and foam rolling along with acupunture and massages. It all seems to have helped which is good!

    Do you find you get hot in the leggings? I usually wear shorts for races so a little worried I will get too hot?


  • I tend to wear compression tights in winter for most of my runs, whether long or short. I have run 3 or 4 ultras in them which were in February/March time or in September so never had a problem with over heating. I'm not sure what I would do if racing in a warmer month. The tights are relatively thin and breathable so shouldn't cause too much problem on a warmer day. In warm weather, I would focus more on what I wear on my top half as that is where I would feel warm.

  • I have a pair of 2XU and a pair of Skins (both bought in 2011). Personally I would go for 2XU as they have worn a lot better than the Skins and with a lot more use.

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